Katie Couric to CNN at 8pm?

Daily Finance’s Jeff Bercovici floats a trial balloon…

If there’s a deus ex machina here, it’s the looming potential partnership with CBS. If that comes to fruition, it could result in Katie Couric taking over for Larry King at 9 p.m. With her knack for news-making interviews, Couric could restore some excitement to CNN without violating its nonpartisan ethos. Katie Couric Live could be the nucleus of a new identity for CNN — something the network needs badly.

Related: Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman thinks Couric should replace Larry King…

There should be a short list of successors for King. Actually, the list should be so short that it should contain only one name: Katie Couric.

And now that Campbell Brown is vacating King’s lead-in, at 8:00 p.m., CNN-parent Time Warner and the network itself has additional ammo to woo Couric, the embattled anchor of the “CBS Evening News”


3 Responses to “Katie Couric to CNN at 8pm?”

  1. Katie Couric to 8pm
    and Nancy Grace to 9pm
    and Have HLN air a new show at 8PM and 10pmet
    Nancy I think would bring something different to CNN that she brought to HLN’s ratings which have risen in the past 2 years. Even though I think HLN should go back to an old format they used to have. Or use But CNN that would be smart to have Katie Couric. I think Campbell Brown should have gone to like a morning show which I think is her dream since NBC was wrong not to pick her.

  2. cristanti Says:

    cnn non-partisan ethos???? katie couric, non-partisan?? not hardly, now I would watch nancy grace on cnn, she should take over larry king, she would get the viewers, alot more then she gets now, everyone forgets that glen beck was on the same network and not many people even knew he was there, look what happened when he went to FOX NEWS, the rest is history, nancy grace’s ratings would double, everyone knows couric, they know her political leanings and that will not help attracting both sides, in fact many of the center right cannot stand her, and I would think that you want all sides to watch.

  3. missy5537 Says:

    Katie couric at 8 p.m.? They JUST GOT RID of an NBC has been in this time spot!

    While this seems like the most idiotic idea in the world, I guess not! I now see Spud has posted that Roland Martin may be in contention!!!

    I doubt whether Roland’s own relatives would even watch. In addition to being a far left lib, he’s just awful TV!

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