BP Top Kill Coverage: Your reactions…

All the networks were glued to BPs live underwater cameras while the “top kill” procedure was going on. This is without a doubt the “lowest” cable news has ever gone. FNC has dipped in and out of the coverage while MSNBC and CNN have continued to go wall to wall. Rick Sanchez is being Rick Sanchez and it directing the control room as to which shots of the BP video feeds (there’s more than one…there’s at least six) they should go to next. Chad Myers is there as well and asking questions, which itself raises the question about what a Meteorologist can bring to the table regarding the procedures for capping an oil leak. At 4pm MSNBC is handing off to Ratigan.

Post your reactions to the cable nets’ coverage of BP’s “top kill” attempt here.

3 Responses to “BP Top Kill Coverage: Your reactions…”

  1. At least they could bring in an actual Drilling Engineer consultant on the set and try to keep Sanchez on the same planet as the folks working on the fix. He is so ill educated and a scientific dullard that its impossible even for those of us familiar with some of this to follow.

    As for the meteorologist…your guess? Im guessing , its better than Sanchez ramblings.

  2. laura l Says:

    Every time I hear the term ‘junk shot’, I think of Jon Stewart’s ‘Paris HIlton’-impression. It’s amusing..and yet unpleasant.

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