FBN adds “The Willis Report”? Yup…

Benzinga’s Jason Raznick writes that FBN is going to launch “The Willis Report” at 5pm to replace the canceled Happy Hour. (via J$).

Is this for real? How did Raznick get this information? Nothing on TVNewser. Nothing on Mediaite. Nothing on Twitter. May be a false alarm.

Update: It’s not. The LA Times’ Matea Gold has the story

Willis’ show, which will premiere June 7 at 5 p.m. ET, will mark a change in tone from “Happy Hour,” which was produced live out of the bar of the Bull & Bear restaurant of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

“Gerri brings a fresh, no-nonsense approach to complicated financial issues and her new program will be a clear reflection of that,” Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News and Fox Business, said in a statement. The network has not yet announced how “Happy Hour” hosts Eric Bolling, Rebecca Diamond and Cody Willard will be reassigned.

Gold also confirms what ICN readers learned nearly three weeks ago. Your Questions, Your Money is gone from FBN by the end of the month.


16 Responses to “FBN adds “The Willis Report”? Yup…”

  1. Gerri Willis was inadequate and unreliable at CNN… I don’t see her being any different at FBN.

  2. lurkerlou Says:

    Not sure this is a good move. So far I’m not seeing anything special in Gerri Willis to warrant a weekday show.

    They had her doing a weekend show, why not see how that turns out before going all in on a weekday show?

    Would’ve prefered them going after Fast Money with a Bolling led team of traders.

  3. terance Says:

    Gerri Willis is nothing but an overdose of boring. And I don’t think she’ll outdraw Happy Hour.

    Concerning Ms. Gomez/Diamond — I doubt FBN/FNC will renew her contract and don’t see why any other “net” would hire someone that tampers with scripts.

    That said, I’d love to know the specifics on that one.

  4. I’m waiting for Starbroker to come in and have a cow…

  5. starbroker Says:

    Have a cow over what? We knew NewsCorp made this terrible mistake when Willis confirmed she would have her own show on Red Eye.

    It’s a shame but at least they are getting rid of Cody. In blackjack terms, you’d call this a “push”.

  6. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    On rare occasions, starbroker actually makes (a lot) of sense. Willis is a MASSIVE snorefest, I have no clue how Fox thinks this new show is going to make people “excited” about their new programming. And considering the competition at 5pm, I can’t see any compelling reason why people would wanna watch her over Glenn Beck (! enough said!) and Fast Money (which, while gets a bit technical for the ‘average viewer’, has a lot of energy).

  7. missy5537 Says:

  8. laura l Says:

    You bad, Missy, you bad.

  9. joeremi Says:

    Yes, Missy screwed up the video embed thingy, but that’s funny. I don’t care who you are..

  10. laura l Says:

    Of course I meant bad in the best way possible. Right down to the delay with the name. Good choice.

  11. starbroker Says:


    On Red Eye, Gerri acted like they wanted to have a segment called “WUTAW” but couldn’t for legal reasons.

    So naturally I thought she would know what she is talking about.

    But then today, I was like hmm… perhaps not. Searching through trademarks that isn’t trademarked. In fact, you won’t even find Gary Coleman owning any.

    Unlike someone like Michael Buffer. Michael was upset that people started using his “phrase” in commercials and other things so he trademarked “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” If used in commercials etc…. you’ve got to license that from him.

    And even if Gary HAD trademarked that… they could have probably gotten away with “WUTA Gerri”?

    Checking into it.. News Corp didn’t even trademark: THE O’REILLY FACTOR until 2001. But they didn’t bother trademarking his catch phrase “What Say You?”

  12. joeremi Says:

    Star, I believe she was joking. It is Red Eye. I’m pretty sure her reaction to being proposed that title would be, “Uh..no.”

  13. starbroker Says:

    It wasn’t the title of the show. It was just a show segment.

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  15. towngirl2000 Says:

    It’s cool to see sites like TVNewser, Mediaite and Twitter be beat by new startups. kudos to Raznick and Benzinga. but, i still do like reading TVNewser

  16. […] Bud Fox of Benzinga, which seems to be the new “in place” for FBN to leak to on the web, writes about CNBC’s numbers. And get a load of this lead sentence which reads […]

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