Blogus Interruptus…

Blogging resumes late tomorrow afternoon…


21 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. laura l Says:

    Mother is in mourning. ‘Maude and Viv’ are gone.

  2. meggielou Says:

    I heard that news this morning as well, Laura. So sad… and kind of ironic in that Betty White has suddenly resurged (and more) in popularity these days.

    On another topic, I’ve missed you guys! As you can imagine, my head is about to explode as a result of the oil spill at my beloved Gulf coast… that whole area will have a very difficult time recovering – when and if the dang thing is finally “plugged”. I’m sick of the BP CEO, and would heartily support a boycott – except it would hurt the local gas station owners more than it would the corporation. Loved Shepard Smith’s tirade a few weeks ago (to tie this post in to cable news…)

  3. meggielou Says:

    …and another thing. I was reading some of the posts here for the past few days and was reminded of something I heard on the tv (or was it radio…? can’t remember) recently. Is Bush really being blamed (by someone…) for the break-up of the Gores’ marriage? What’s up with that?

  4. joeremi Says:

    Meggie, Sally Quinn is on a book tour and seems to be getting handed the “Gore question” because she’s already there for an interview. Some fool is going to say “CBS blames Bush”. Any postmortem on the Gore’s marriage that doesn’t include how his loss to Bush effected it would be kind of silly. Besides, it would technically be “blaming the Supreme Court”.

    I have another theory: “Al, running for president was kinda cool. Climate change, not so much..”

  5. laura l Says:

    Who gets custody of the internet?.. –I stole that…

  6. laura l Says:

    — BP CEO —

    That fool needs to be flogged with a ‘shut up’-stick. What the hell are they thinking, putting him out there? ”I want my life back”. Yeah, sport, you’re not the only one.

  7. meggielou Says:

    Thanks for the link, Al. Good grief.

    You know, the thing is that Al Gore really WAS, at one time, a good dude. I think he started going off the rails around about 1992…

    Another memorable moment from the BP CEO was when he commented that the ocean would “take care of” the oil – after all, in the vastness of the sea, a few hundred million (billion?) gallons of oil are no big deal. I’d love for him to meet some of my relatives who live on the coast… it would be a meeting he’d not likely forget!

  8. If you search Al Gore’s internets you’ll find speculation that their legal separation is to protect half of the couple’s assets if he gets indicted for his investment firm’s supposed ponzi scheme. I know he has a global warming-related investment firm but I’ve seen no legitimate reports claiming he’s pulling a “Madoff”.


    Yes, “Gore Out Of Balance” or some book name like that.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Al, that makes perfect sense (re: Algore and Tipper).

    They are just a little older than I am, but I can’t see people married that long getting a divorce. And even though I can’t imagine ANYONE married to Algore, he and Tipper seemed very happy. They have kids, seem to have common goals and appeared to be the “perfect couple”.

    So the asset protection scheme makes a lot of sense, especially since he just bought a huge house somewhere on the Pacific.

  10. meggielou Says:

    … actually, I was referring to his decision to run as Bill Clinton’s VP, but the book (of which I do have a copy) will do! (cute twist on the title)

    Interesting speculation about a ponzi scheme. I hadn’t heard that, either (but I’ve been under a rock for a while). I will be extremely disappointed if that is true. I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Gore over the years due to his associations (see above), etc, but I never thought he was dishonorable.

    On a cable news note, I hear that Arthel Neville is coming back to FNC. I always liked her. Wonder what she’ll be doing? Any inside info?

  11. laura l Says:

    You’re welcome.

  12. -Arthel Neville-

    Yeah, I liked her and was sorry she left. Hopefully she’ll be doing smart stuff and staying off O’Rielly’s show.

    -40 years-

    Unusual but not unheard of. People stay married for lots of reasons and I can easily imagine them staying together for the kids, then the career, then the post career, and then just because it’s what we’re supposed to do.

    Maybe marriage is something that should expire after every few years unless it’s renewed…. but without the receptions because I can only listen to “Proud Mary” so many times.

  13. meggielou Says:

    – “Proud Mary” –
    …sounds like an interesting story in there somewhere…
    My pet peeve is “Wind Beneath My Wings”. I’m sure there are others, but that’s the one that comes to mind at this moment.

    As for Arthel, as long as she stays away from Hannity and Hannity, I’m ok with her appearing on O’Reilly. He has good guests, especially my fave, Dennis Miller. H&H, on the other hand, has… um… well, there’s poor ole Bob Beckel…speaking of whom, I could support a Beckel and Hannity show much more than what’s being presented now.

  14. laura l Says:

    — an interesting story in there —

    And I’m guessing it involves adult beverages.

  15. meggielou Says:

    no doubt.

  16. laura l Says:

    I’m a quick one.

  17. Think about it: Unless you’re really old (and you two aren’t), you’ve never been to a wedding reception featuring a live band that didn’t play “Proud Mary”.

  18. laura l Says:

    I think I’ve attended as many weddings as I’ve participated in, all low-end-affairs. Sounds like I’m the lucky one…

  19. laura l Says:

    Speaking of screwy weddings. Maybe John Williams could do the soundtrack for this one.

  20. meggielou Says:

    Oh, Al, you are such a flatterer… my two teenagers would likely disagree with you about the “really old” thing, in regard to me… but thanks for saying it – you made the end of a very BAD day quite delightful!

    Laura, my wedding reception was very low-end… at my parents’ home (which is very nice, but still… no live band). I have been to a few “other kind” though, mostly in my younger years – sorority sisters and all…

    I’ll check in with you all tomorrow. It’s getting close to bedtime for this definitely not “really old” girl. Later!

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