MSNBC “New Right” Doc script leaks?’s Kurt Nimmo has got the alleged script to MSNBC’s upcoming “New Right” documentary…(via J$)

19 Responses to “MSNBC “New Right” Doc script leaks?”

  1. mlong5000 Says:

    Anyone who believes Chrissy and MSNBC will give the Tea party a fair shake haven’t been watching them for the last year.

  2. ouchboy Says:

    I don’t think anyone except liberals thinks he is fair about politics. The title New Right is code for (New third Reich), thats how he views the tea party. He views everything as black and white. If you don,t see things the way he does then you are a racist, period.

  3. joeremi Says:

    Ouch, I think your view of Matthews is a little simplistic. I also don’t believe you’re a Democrat, as you claimed yesterday. Maybe you’re registered as such, but your 100% right-wing statements belie it.

  4. ouchboy Says:

    I believe my comment was Joe that I,am not a liberal, progressive democrat. I don’t get a tingle up my leg with this POTUS. How i view the lift wing media has nothing to do with my political views.
    I would love to have an opportunity to vote for a conservative democrat presidential candidate, but they don,t exist.
    Thanks for calling me a liar, that just proves my point about progressive liberals, thats what i think you are, just saying. If i don’t have your views I’am not believable. RIGHT; OR IS THAT THIRD RICH;

  5. joeremi Says:

    I would love to have an opportunity to vote for a conservative democrat presidential candidate, but they don,t exist.

    …anymore than a liberal Republican one does. I wish there were more moderate Republicans to vote for, but to ask for a liberal one so I can still be a liberal but call myself a Republican is disingenuous. And I didn’t call you a liar. I said I believe you are registered as a Democrat. But you’re not one in your heart. You’re a right-wing conservative, and there’s no point in hiding it behind the Democratic Party.

  6. ouchboy Says:

    I am proud to be a conservative, its not all about party affilliation with me. I vote for people that share my views not a party. I don’t know about the right wing label that you tagged me with thou.
    Its nice to know that you know whats in my heart, my wife would like to talk to you probably.
    Now about being unbelievable, if you don’t believe what i say then you must think i’am not telling the truth. I believe that would be considered a lie. I have no reason to lie about my political views.
    My opinion of you is that you would only vote democratic no matter what. i have read your comments a long time now as you have mine. You seem to be offended by anything that is said about obama ,democrats and msnbc. However you should not care about my opinion and whats in my heart.

  7. joeremi Says:

    You seem to be offended by anything that is said about obama ,democrats and msnbc.

    Except for when I criticized Obama for playing the Cool Arrogant Guy a couple weeks ago, bashed Ed Schultz for his comments about Rush’s wedding yesterday, and called Chris Matthews’ Taitz fixation bizarre today. Anyone who thinks I’m a one-note progressive (I hate that word) liberal isn’t paying attention.

  8. ouchboy Says:

    To me personal negative comments don’t count, I don,t recall any negative comments on any obama,democratic policy.

  9. joeremi Says:

    ^Come on Ouch, you’re changing the rules. You said I’m never offended by anything anybody says about Obama, Democrats and MSNBC; and I gave you three examples from myself. If you go back far enough, you’ll find plenty of criticism of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Olbermann, Mika Brezinski, David Shuster, Tamron “shouting” Hall, and MSNBC’s election coverage.

    You’re not going to get a huge amount of policy criticism of Obama because he’s a moderate lib, I’m a moderate lib, and I voted for him. I’m not clear what you’re looking for here.

  10. ouchboy Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Joe thinks Obama ia a moderate lib. I would suggest some other news outlets once in a while.
    Obama is the most progressive liberal ever in the history of the united states. The only time you critcise msnbc is when they don,t lean as far left as you want them to do. If they lean any further left they might fall off a cliff.

  11.’re nuts (not a clinical diagnosis). Obama didn’t even push a public option, much less single-payer; Guantonomo is still open; and we’re still in two useless wars. There’s nothing “progressive” about any of that. And I’ve criticized KO, Big Ed and Shuster numerous times for being huge douchebags..having nothing to do with their politics. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. ^…and I disagree with Obama on about half of that, which makes him less liberal than I. He also doesn’t support g@y marriage, and shows no signs of cracking down on guns. I’m with him on those two. If you’re looking for a far-leftie, keep your eyes open for Dennis Kucinich in Congress, and SMH and Uncleararthur here.

  13. ouchboy Says:

    Joe: you are just like msnbc with the personal attacks. You have called me a liar, nuts, and ignorant (not knowing what I talking about).
    Obama wanted the public option,Guantonomo closed and he wanted to end the wars. These are failures on his part as i see it.
    Obama has managed to force healh care on the majority of people that didn’t want it. He is siding with Mexico and against Arizona, he is lost when it comes to the oil spill, he is a total failure as i see it.
    Olybe, shoults, Crissy, and Maddow are commedy shows as far as i see it. So what is your pal Shuster doing now?

  14. joeremi Says:

    If you’ll excuse me, Ouch, I’m gonna go bang my head against this wall now.

  15. ouchboy Says:

    Hey Joe: I was serious about where Shuster is now. If aneone out there knows please let me now, I’ve been out of the loop for a month or two. Just curious about Mr. Shuster.
    Joe, don,t hurt yourself on my account.

  16. joeremi Says:

    Joe, don,t hurt yourself on my account.

    I’m doing plenty of damage all by myself..

    Shuster got in trouble with MSNBC by auditioning for CNN, which was the last straw after several confrontations with his bosses.

  17. ouchboy Says:

    Hi Joe: I new that much about Shuster, I wonder what he is doing now?

  18. Ouch: that’s all we know, mate. I presume he’s in Cable News Siberia.


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