ReadyCam gets another radio talker…`

You may have recently noticed radio talk show host Michael Smerconish appear on MSNBC via a remote that wasn’t a TV studio. That’s because Smerconish installed a ReadyCam system in his Philadelphia home, which also serves as his radio studio. Smerconish bought the system from VideoLink so that he wouldn’t have to commute down to a TV station every time he had to do a TV interview. Smerconish isn’t the first radio talker to go this route. In 2007 Ed Schultz had a ReadyCam put in his Fargo, North Daktoa radio station.

One Response to “ReadyCam gets another radio talker…`”

  1. Smerconish should get his own show on MSNBC… I believe he used to host something a while back on MSNBC. He’s kind of a Scarborough-esque conservative. I like him… hopefully he’s on some kind of short list to get a new show.

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