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  1. laura l Says:

    Brace yourselves for imminent amusement. Or something.

    The political zoo
    Slide show:awkward encounters between politicians & animal kingdom

  2. missy5537 Says:

    Spud, you’re gone too much. I want my money back!

  3. laura l Says:

    Customer service bites around here.

  4. starbroker Says:

    So Bill Press is an expert on Fox Business Network?

    His opinion means nothing.

  5. Bill Press is a liberal commentator who made an accurate statement. Fox news built the Tea Party into a movement, and has now given it a show on FBN. You don’t have to be for or against the movement to recognize those facts.

  6. starbroker: No, Bill Press has an opinion and he has been involved in the media and political culture for a long time now. When you see the clowns that FBN has brought on to hype their overrated channel who try to actually make themselves seen as a legitimate business network, it just makes you chuckle at their desperation.

    No competitor has anything to worry about with FBN… they are, as Fox News is, all about ideology and pushing an agenda. While that may be all well and good when running a news network, which Fox tries to do, you don’t need to involve that into a business network. With the economy and business, you report it straight and down the line… not putting a bunch of angry libertarians who are against taxing the rich, regulating big industry and complaining about too much government. It’ll simply be another outlet to complain about what Obama does… like Fox doesn’t already have enough of that with Beck, Hannity and talk radio.

    There have actually been times when FBN has reported stocks going down, then shows Obama giving a speech and erroneously links it to what he is saying and claims that’s the reason for the drop in the DJIA. It’s extremely misinforming… and it leads to people assuming that whatever happens in the stock market is based on what President Obama is saying at that very second.

  7. There have actually been times when FBN has reported stocks going down, then shows Obama giving a speech and erroneously links it to what he is saying and claims that’s the reason for the drop in the DJIA.

    Wow Doug, that is depressing. I don’t watch the network, but I wouldn’t put it past NewsCorp to pull something like that. Propaganda indeed..

  8. starbroker Says:

    This is funny. Brians piece just stinks. He’s acting like 2 shows with libertarian hosts (which are new once a week) are big things. I missed the stories about ABC being libertarian when Stossel had such a big presence on 20/20.

    Where are the quotes from the Game Show Network or the Movie Channel about CNBC’s programming?? That’s what they are pushing.

    Yes, Bill Press has an agenda. He hates FNC for being fair and balanced and giving a voice to conservative opinion hosts. He hates the fact that FNC is killing the MSM and all its left leaning channels.

    Also its hilarious to see people whine and act like a business network shouldn’t be pro business/ pro growth. By all means the channels should be pro unions, pro higher taxes and pro everything else that destroys an economy.

    Obama has done enough to wreck the US economy. He and the Democrats are bankrupting it.

    And while FBN keeps growing in viewership, ad revenue, subscriber revenue etc… CNBC has continued to keep falling and falling. But Brian failed to mention that. All he did is throw in comments from press about their ratings instead of mentioning how they are up and CNBC is WAY DOWN. But supposedly two weekly shows are going to do something for ratings because someone says “tea party”.

    Also, Brian is false in actually trying to claim the MSM covered the “tea parties”. Mocking the tea party movement, trying to equate the Tea Party members as Nazis and using gay slurs against them is not covering the tea parties. FNC was right on the money on that ad. The other networks totally missed the story. And they still try and diminish the tea party movement. How many times have they called it a Republican movement when its made up of Rep/Dem and Independents.

    But the MSM and Bill Press were too busy trying to shove a terrible “Faux” health care reform down the American peoples throats. Who cares if its another TRILLION?!

    And its also hilarious to see the ones whine and act like Fox is the only business channel saying Obama sucks at business.

    Wasn’t it CNBC the other day comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter in one of their questions of the day? Obama is pathetic. He is Jimmy Carter II. And we need Morning In America once again!

  9. starbroker Says:

    Joe I believe he is talking about Fox News Channel and the Live Desk with Trace Gallagher. His source Media Matters whined about that.

  10. terance Says:

    Report: US finds mineral riches in Afghanistan

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A team of U.S. geologists and Pentagon officials has discovered vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan, conceivably enough to turn the scarred and impoverished country into one of the world’s most lucrative mining centers, The New York Times reports.

    “There is stunning potential here,” Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the United States Central Command, told the paper in a report published Monday. “There are a lot of ifs, of course, but I think potentially it is hugely significant.”

    Americans discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, including iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium, according to the report. The Times quoted a Pentagon memo as saying Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and cell phones.

    Translation: Capturing Bin Laden was never the goal.. Its all about the minerals of course. Any bets on how long it takes us to send in “our boys” to collect the stash?

  11. joeremi Says:

    Attempts to classify the Tea Party movement as Republican or not are misleading. Anyone of any stripe can call themselves “Republican”, “Democrat”, or “Independent”. The Tea Party is libertarian, which is far to the right of conservative. As long as we have conservatives calling themselves Democrats, party labels are meaningless in discussions of ideological makeup.

  12. You don’t have to be a libertarian, republican, independent or democrat to be a conservative or liberal. All one needs is common sense, to do right thing.

    How many times has msnbc or cnn reported on the attack the union thug did to the tea party couple at a small gathering in greensboro N.C. last week. Rep. James Clyburn was graciously given air time on all the msnbc and cnn shows to blame the republicans for Mr. Greene,s victory in south carolina. Let me just say this about Mr. Greene, he actually thinks before he speaks. Keith Olbermann stated after his interview with Greene that he (Olby) still preferred Greene over DeMint, thats good enough for me. RUN GREENE RUN:

  13. If ideological leanings have no connection to party identity, then there’s no point in indentifying with a party. I believe there should be many shadings of ideology within each party, but there has to be a line you can’t cross. Otherwise you’re driving a Chevy and calling it a Honda. Ok, that’s a lame car analogy, but you get my drift..

  14. starbroker: Wow, so much to address here.

    First of all, the reason nobody complained about Stossel’s libertarian views when he was on ABC is because he didn’t shove it down anybody’s throat like he is at a more ideological network like Fox.

    Second, Fox is not “fair and balanced” and gullible sheep like starbroker like to believe that because they are delusional and need to find some kind of network to endorse, even though it’s clear that all the media is biased and nobody is fair nor balanced. However, to act like Fox is the most fair is just laughable. By the way, what is this MSM? Fox News is the one with the highest ratings and biggest stars… they are the mainstream media! Or, to use Sarah Baracuda’s terminology, “lamestream media“.

    Third, higher taxes do not destroy the economy. No evidence proves that. And, if we’re talking about “wrecking the US economy“, thank George Bush for that since he started it and ruined our economy. Deal with it.

    Fourth, FBN is not growing in viewership, and even if they have, they will remain stagnant and ineffective. If they’re growing so much, where are their ratings and why doesn’t Neilsen display them?

    Fifth, as far as the coverage of the tea party’s goes, they were shown as using Nazi signs and spouting gay slurs because that’s exactly what they did. Video coverage shows this and they only deny it because it embarrasses the Republicans who support them. The claim that it’s made up of Democrats and Independents is ridiculous… of course they’re going to say that because they want to be seen as apolitical when they aren’t. That’s all those people want to do… misrepresent the facts. I can see why.

    Also, the health care reform bill was “faux” and anything but reform because it was extremely watered down by who? You guessed it, the Republicans, not to mention, lied about and smeared by wing nuts in the media. It’s funny, however, that starbroker complains about the trillion from a bill that HELPS Americans, but never complains about the billions and trillions we spent on useless and unconstitutional wars that Bush dragged us into, not to mention the thousands we lost in American soldier’s lives. You know that’s the truth, so deal with it.

    Finally, it’s fine to criticize Obama’s flaws in business or the economy, but the way FBN and Fox complains about it is infantile and discredited. They don’t report fairly or accurately and just attack Obama with smear jobs. That’s all Fox knows how to do and will always do.

    P.S. No, starbroker, I’m not talking about ONE situation ONLY on Fox. Granted, it has also happened on Fox News, but I do remember seeing Jenna Lee, on FBN, pulling the same thing. And, Media Matters notifying me of these kind of events doesn’t discredit it… you just don’t like the truth that’s being told, so you attack the messenger.

  15. All progressive liberals make sure you watch Cris mathews’ the new right tuesday night at seven, i think thats when its on. You will be able to get that thrill up your leg when he bashes and trashes all things conserative, libertarian, republicans , tea party and palin.

  16. Ya know, Ouch, I made an effort to talk to you like an adult. Fail.

  17. Maybe you will grow up one day. Its not my fault your are not an adult yet. You are so blind sided by Obama and deocratic party that you don’t see the truth and light that makes this country great.

  18. ^Got it. Maybe I should educate myself, too.

  19. There goes msnbc again, blamming the students and republicans for N.C. democratic congressman attacking them physically for asking questions. Where ole where was msnbc when the union thug attacked the couple in greensboro N.C. at a tea party gathering , telling the group that everything is bushs fault. msnbc must really be getting scared that they might fail this next election cycle. I,am sure this latest incident was bushs and palins fault also. Its amazing how the republicans have so mush control over the democrats and the media.

  20. MSNBC did no such thing. Luke Russert reported the Congressman’s apology; aluded to the fact that his reaction wasn’t a good move; and raised the question of who these people are, and why their faces are blurred on Brietbart’s blog, because it’s unusual for activists to shy away from publicity. It doesn’t get much more fair and balanced than that.

  21. ouchboy Says:

    Fox news fair and balanced period. msnbc= the place for liberals.

  22. ouchboy Says:

    Joe, your right about the congressmans reactions. But msnbc,s Luke Russert went on to imply that the hold incident might be a setup by the republican party. That has not been proven yet. If they did then thats fair enough, until this is proven i don’t think its msnc,s place to make that assertion.

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