Anderson Cooper vs. BP

The AP’s David Bauder writes about Anderson Cooper and his repeated attempts to get BP to appear on 360…

“It’s easy for me to kind of smile about this and almost kind of make a joke about it,” Cooper said on the air. “But it’s not a joking matter.”

BP has run into some trouble with the media during the nearly two-month oil spill, including reporters who have complained about restricted access to workers cleaning up the oil or areas affected by the spill.

Cooper’s harsh words were noteworthy, particularly given a lack of complaints from other networks. They left him walking a thin line between informing his viewers about BP’s unwillingness to answer questions on his newscast or appearing petulant that he’s not getting guests.

“I don’t yell at people,” Cooper said Tuesday. “I’m not trying to embarrass anybody. I think they just need to be held accountable for the public statements. I think they’ll get a lot tougher questions Thursday on Capitol Hill than they would on my program, but it’s their right to pick and choose.”

3 Responses to “Anderson Cooper vs. BP”

  1. -walking a thin line-

    Sounds like he stayed on the line, or close enough. Can’t fault him – it’s newsworthy info.

  2. laura l Says:

    They should do Shep first (HA!). After that, if there’s any meat left on their bones, AC.

  3. tinafromtampa Says:

    BP execs have appeared on CNN, just not with Cooper. I wonder why that could be? Perhaps Cooper should look at himself rather than point the finger of criticism at BP for not appearing on HIS show. I’m not a Cooper fan since I have caught him in numerous examples of claiming fact when no fact exists to support his opinion (see his commentary on why Judd Gregg exited from the Obama cabinet nomination as just one example).

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