Greta Van Susteren Re-Signs with FNC…

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter scoops that Greta Van Susteren has re-signed with FNC, ending the on and off speculation of Megyn Kelly getting that slot…

The new contract will keep Ms. Van Susteren at Fox for several more years, said a person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the negotiations. There has been talk in the past year that Fox executives could move the opinion host Glenn Beck or the news anchor Megyn Kelly to the coveted 10 p.m. time slot sometime in the future.

14 Responses to “Greta Van Susteren Re-Signs with FNC…”

  1. Re-signs and Resigns are so similar.

  2. terance Says:

    I’m very surprised FNC renewed Greta’s contract.. It seems to me they could’ve used someone else that makes less money and get the same or better ratings.

  3. joeremi Says:

    Hey Greta, if you’re reading, I owe you an apology. All those times I bitched about you sticking with that “sensationalistic, ratings-grabbing” Hollaway story? Turns out, with a little more luck, you could have stopped a serial killer. I’m sorry. Go get the bad guys.

  4. Ha! So much for the freaks who were counting on Megyn Kelly taking over Greta’s timeslot (especially since every new mother wants to work those hours), with Gretchen moving to Megyn’s job, with Aly or Ainsley taking over Fox & Friends.

    Hope Greta makes a ton of $$$.

  5. I’m only surprised that Ms. Van Susteren didn’t decide to go try doing something else. She’s mentioned before that she might like to, but she’s also said more than once how lucky she feels to have a job given the economy and unemployment rate.

    Good for her.

  6. She’s also always talked about over how much she likes working for Fox News. She gushes over her bosses, colleagues, the atmosphere there, the freedom she’s given to do what she wants (within reason).

  7. missy5537 Says:

    I initially thought it was a mistake for Fox to hire Greta, but she has proven herself to be an excellent reporter, interviewer and host. I’ve gone on here several times of her versatility in the types of stories she covers and the people she interviews.

    I’m glad she was re-signed. While I do like combative conversation when discussing politics (i.e., Hannity, O’Reilly and Beck), Greta is a consistently honest presence and an asset to FNC.

  8. Yes, she did. Somebody else said about the same thing… Juliet Huddy, I believe, right after she and What’s-His-Name were told their morning show on the big network was being cancelled.

  9. Right before Greta’s show, every freakin’ night, Sean Hannity has to say, “Let not your heart be troubled.” I’d love to put him in a headlock and shove that toy football down his throat when he says that.

    Hmmmm… such violent thoughts for a normally gentle guy… and a medical doctor to boot. Guess I’m not a fan of Pez dispensers.

  10. Hannity has another phrase that he’s worn into the ground (usually on his radio show) that doesn’t even make sense, but drives Dr. BW’s father crazy every time he hears it: “Need, want, and desire.” What’s the difference between “want” and “desire”? Degrees of desperation?

  11. laura l Says:

    ^ So now you’re calling Hannity desperate? He’s not even showing cleavage.. 😉

  12. motownman Says:

    I think Megyn has been a disappointment as host of her own show. She rants constantly and has a real abrasive edge to her. She was MUCH better when she was teamed with Hemmer, Maybe Fox thinks Megyn isn’t ready for prime time after all.

  13. I enjoy seeing Megyn Kelly’s show when I can. She’s high energy right about when I’m starting to poop out. And she’s no louder than my bucking feeper.

  14. Congratulations to Greta. To me her show is the most fair and balanced of all the fox shows.

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