In Depth: Olbermann Checks Out on Kos…

Keith Olbermann takes his keyboard and goes home…(via Mediaite)

For years, from the Katrina days onward, whenever I stuck my neck out, I usually visited here as the cliched guy in the desert stopping by the oasis. I never got universal support, and never expected it, nor wanted it (who wants an automatic “Yes” machine?). But I used to read a lot about how people here would ‘always have my back’ and trust me this was of palpable value as I fought opponents external and internal who try to knock me and Rachel off the air, all the time, in ways you can imagine and others you can’t.

Now I get to read how we pre-planned our anger because ‘beating up on the President has been good for ratings’.

If I can understand people’s frustration with seeing a speech by a Democratic president criticized in a venue such as mine, why is it impossible for some people here to accept my frustration about the speech? You don’t agree with me, fine. You don’t want to watch because you don’t agree with me, fine. But to accuse me, after five years of risking what I have to present the truth as I see it, of staging something for effect, is deeply offensive to me and is an indication of what has happened here.

You want Cheerleaders? Hire the Buffalo Jills. You want diaries with conspiracy theories, go nuts. If you want this site the way it was even a year ago, let me know and I’ll be back.

Aside from wondering exactly who the “internal opponents” are in Keith’s “Dear John” letter; GE and those who carried out GE’s orders during the O’Reilly cease fire perhaps?, all I have to say is that if Keith really thought the Kos-ites would always have his back then he really didn’t and still doesn’t understand the way the ideological internet sites like Kos, Democratic Underground, The Fox Nation, and Free Republic work. Of course they would turn on him the first moment his oratory didn’t match their belief system. It was bound to happen, particularly when things aren’t going well in this country. During the Bush administration you had your “Bush-bots” and you had your free thinking Republicans or Conservatives and the two would clash violently on occasion. Some like Joe Scarborough are still feeling that heat.

A similar divide has developed amongst Progressives during the Obama administration and Olbermann now finds himself caught in the middle when his views don’t match those of the “Obama-bots”. The lesson to be learned here is, and this goes not just for Olbermann but any public orator of any ideological persuasion, don’t get too close to “the mob”. Eventually your mutual interests will diverge and you’ll catch hell for it.


14 Responses to “In Depth: Olbermann Checks Out on Kos…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    The lesson to be learned here is, and this goes not just for Olbermann but any public orator of any ideological persuasion, don’t get too close to “the mob”.

    That message is for anyone – blogger or commenter – who attempts to think independently. On KO’s side of the isle, you’ll get critics convinced you worship The Chosen One, and supporters stunned that you would object to something he says or does. Non-ditto thinking confuses them.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    What a big baby…

  3. stevemg Says:

    Non-ditto thinking confuses them.

    Yes, but does Olbermann thinks he’s above criticism? Were the Kossacks supposed to uncritically accept his comments?

    As I’ve said before, these over-the-top guys are the most thin-skinned group of people imaginable. They can challenge other people’s integrity and character – just hammer them – but the slightest objection to what they say is met with indignation. Even if it comes from some anonymous posters at a website where that person receives overwhelming adulation.

    He’s leaving the Daily Kos because unnamed posters questioned his criticism of the President and the motivation behind that criticism?

    Sounds to me like an Olbermann (Limbaugh/Beck/O’Reilly) bit.

  4. stevemg Says:

    I wonder whether Scarborough’s complaints about giving credibility to Markos Moulitsas, someone who has suggested that Scarborough murdered a staffer, played a role in Olbermann’s decision?

  5. Right. Like Olby would ever take a stand on behalf of someone else – even if that other person shares his Bush-hating views.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    All I can say is what I’ve said forever, Olbermann has serious issues. If he’s not heavily medicated, he should be.

  7. — after five years of risking what I have to present the truth as I see it —

    Like a regular Solzhenitsyn facing the gulag.

  8. Like a regular Solzhenitsyn facing the gulag.

    Well, living in Upper Manhattan while a vocal critic of the Bush Administration can put quite a strain on a person. Brutal environment there, just brutal.

    A few critical anonymous posters on a website (where he is usually overwhelming worshipped) is too much for him to take? Sheesh.

  9. joeremi Says:

    Like a regular Solzhenitsyn facing the gulag.

    That’s whatcha call a ‘Miller’. 😉

  10. starbroker Says:

    I wonder if some even bother to click on links. I think many justI read the “highlighted portion” and forget the rest.

    That link didn’t go to the Olbermann story. The link Spud posted went to:

    Here is the link to the Olbermann story:

  11. starbroker Says:

    Oh please…. “Some like Joe Scarborough are still feeling that heat”.

    Joe sold his soul a long time ago when he was still trying to keep his prime time show.

  12. Dammit. My keyboard has sticky keys and ctrl+C doesn’t always work. I’ll fix.

  13. ouchboy Says:

    The only time Olby was fully truthful and this happens to him. WOW:

  14. […] This isn’t the first time Olbermann has done the “walk away” thing. He did it once before on Daily Kos. He didn’t stay away […]

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