What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/20/10

What’s Hot:

Potential CNN hosts – Both Eliot Spitzer and Piers Morgan kept getting tied, with increasing details, to CNN.

Tea Party Movement vs. MSNBC – Hardball’s New Right doc is still reverberating through the Tea Party and they’re calling for action…

Olbermann checks out on Kos – Keith Olbermann announced he was leaving Daily Kos after getting flak, deserved or undeserved depending on your point of view, for his reaction to Obama’s Oval Office address…

Greta Van Susteren re-signs with FNC – Thus ending off and on again speculation that either Glenn Beck or Megyn Kelly will take that slot…

Lawrence O’Donnell – MSNBC has finally expanded its primetime schedule to three hours and O’Donnell is the man…

What’s Not:

Lawrence O’Donnell – But they could have gone with a more Maddow like selection. O’Donnell is the conservative choice…

Must…worship…Beck… – 100 parts to an Overton Window review? That’s 99 parts too many. But hey, it’s a free country. If you want the rest of the media writers chortling behind your backs and your credibility being destroyed while your site turns into a laughing stock, go for it…

6 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/20/10”

  1. laura l Says:

    I must have slept through the Beck-review. Who did it?

  2. ^ Sleeping through it, too.

  3. laura l Says:

    I’d like to see it, just for the laugh. It might rise to the level of ”thrill up the leg”.

  4. My leg fell asleep reading that.

  5. laura l Says:

    No ‘thrills’ there. Matthews crown is safe.

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