Branding Run Amok? Not so fast…

When I first was told by an emailer that CNBC was advertising on Facebook’s Mafia Wars I thought “You gotta be kidding me…” What on earth does CNBC have to do with Mafia Wars? Then I saw the ad. It’s for CNBC’s Mob Money special. Now suddenly the ad stopped appearing silly and started looking very shrewd. Sure, the likelihood that anyone who plays Mafia Wars would be interested in such a documentary is low. But I have to give CNBC points for at least thinking in a creative manner. I would feel differently if the ad was for one of CNBC’s non-mob related docs…

One Response to “Branding Run Amok? Not so fast…”

  1. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Ahhhhh sorry starbroker…maybe next time.

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