Press Releases: 06/22/10

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Ratigan Looks at the Toughest Problems Facing America and the Search for Creative Solutions

NEW YORK – June 22, 2010 – Starting next Monday, June 28, “The Dylan Ratigan Show” will present “Fix It Week,” a close-up look at the biggest problems in America – and the search for creative solutions. Each day “The Dylan Ratigan Show” will focus on a different, pressing issue, and talk to experts about possible innovative ways to take on these challenges.

“No matter what the problem may be, it is clear our government has become far too influenced to even be honest with the American people about why we have the problems we do, let alone provide the leadership to solve them,” said Ratigan. “Luckily there is no shortage of people and ideas to fix most of them if we simply gather the courage to acknowledge these problems and begin to address them at their root cause.”

Monday, June 28, “The Dylan Ratigan Show” will focus on the rising deficit; Tuesday, June 29, the show looks at the energy crisis; Wednesday, June 30, Ratigan turns to the U.S. education system; Thursday, July 1 will concentrate on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Friday, July 2 will be an in-depth look at the broken political process in the United States.



CNN Expands Blog Network with Launch of Eatocracy

Passionate Community, Global Coverage, Novel Features Baked into New Food Blog today announced the launch of Eatocracy, a blog created to feed the minds, hearts and stomachs of food fanatics across the world. Covering the pulse of food news – from its culture and trends to the politics and economics of eating, is a destination for passionate dialogue and debate about food.

“Very few topics are as cultural, political, entertaining, scientific and global as food,” said Meredith Artley, managing editor of “CNN and its users now have a gathering place for all of these conversations and more. Eatocracy is the bright red cherry on top of our beat-focused portfolio.”

Edited by Kat Kinsman, previously senior editor at AOL Food and Slashfood, Eatocracy will uniquely leverage CNN’s global newsgathering resources for the latest in food news, as well as foster an environment for users and the iReport community to engage in the conversation. Under the leadership of features editor Cybil Wallace,’s Eatocracy is powered by Kinsman and the blog’s associate editor Sarah LeTrent, as well as CNN producers and correspondents, guest bloggers and iReporters.

“Through a combination of active engagement with users, our editors’ expertise and connections to the farmers, chefs and major players in the food world, and original lick-the-screen photography, we’ll create a real-time portrait of how the world eats,” said Kat Kinsman, editor of Eatocracy. “We want to create an Eatocracy, where everyone has a place at the table.”

With innovative daily, weekly and ongoing features incorporating user-generated content and social media activity, Eatocracy focuses on bringing all of the best food stories to users on a topic to which everyone can relate. Some of the features include:


* “Box Lunch,” bite-sized blurbs of the top stories during the lunch hour
* “5@5,” 5 favorite culinary items from the blog’s editors, writers and special guests, published at 5pm ET each day
* “Lunch Out Loud,” iReport users share what they had for lunch
* “Lick the Screen,” original photo galleries of ingredients, food and meals


* “Tuesday Night Cook-Along,” the editors share a simple recipe and cook it alongside users
* “Path to the Plate,” a column tracking the path – from growth to consumption – of the food that people eat
* “Mom Was Wrong,” debunking kitchen myths with the help of a food scientist


* “Eat Like a Local,” highlighting the local dishes, products and institutions that define local cuisine by drawing on regional food bloggers’ expertise
* “Heirloom Eats,” database of hand-written recipes, submitted by users, to honor the culinary heritage handed down through the generations
* “Master the Classics,” tips and tricks to perfect some of the classic recipes
* “Stone Soup,” an under-funded writer’s guide to eating on the cheap
* “Eatcyclopedia,” a reference guide for more than 500 different culinary terms

Twitter users also can keep up with the blog’s latest postings by following @eatocracy.

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