FCC Stops Comcast/NBCU Merger Process Again…

Broadcasting & Cable’s John Eggerton writes about the FCC putting a halt of the Comcast merger with NBC Universal over lack of adequate response in document submission…

The FCC is stopping the shot clock on the Comcast-NBC Universal merger for a second time. Thursday, June 24, had been day 50 on what is an informal 180-day deadline for vetting the deal. The review began March 18.

The commission says that the companies returned incomplete answers and did not follow the directions in responding to a May FCC request for a raft of information from both on everything from organizational structure and channel lineups to copies of all programming agreements and detailed discussions of all deliberations in making content available online.

The commission sent letters to the two Thursday, informing them that the FCC would put the brakes on vetting the merger until such time as they had complied fully.

2 Responses to “FCC Stops Comcast/NBCU Merger Process Again…”

  1. Prolonging the inevitable…..it’s what lawyers do.

  2. sviscusi Says:

    It would be great if the deal fell through. There’s no reason for more media consolidation.

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