Larry King Snags Elizabeth Edwards…

CNN announced that Elizabeth Edwards will be Larry King’s guest on Wednesday, June 30th…


Elizabeth Edwards talks with CNN’s Larry King in her first primetime TV interview since separating from her husband, John Edwards, the former two-time Democratic Presidential candidate. During the primetime exclusive interview, Edwards talks with King about her separation; meeting the child John Edwards fathered with his mistress; the latest on her health; news of the day and the paperback release of Resilience, her national best-selling book.


20 Responses to “Larry King Snags Elizabeth Edwards…”

  1. Wouldn’t that have been a bigger ‘get’ back when people gave a damn?

  2. missy5537 Says:

    Laura, my thoughts exactly!

    I’d rather watch a ten year old repeat of Hannity (or H & C, as it was back then) than watch this snoozefest.

  3. Im thinking maybe Larry is the one that got “snagged”

  4. laura l Says:

    — Missy54321 —

    At least with Hannity you can marvel at his hair.

  5. Hopefully Larry won’t ask stupid questions, but I have my doubts.

  6. joeremi Says:

    “Liz, I knew Sinatra..”

  7. laura l Says:

    ”..Sinatra was a friend of mine..”

  8. -Larry King Snags Elizabeth-

    Oh.. on his show. I was thinking he has quick-release suspenders or something. Maybe she’ll tell him all about Al Gore.

  9. joeremi Says:

    Maybe she’ll tell him all about Al Gore.

    Democrats? People whose husbands fooled around? In order for a crack like that work, you need a few less degrees of separation between the two. I’m not aware of any scenario in which the Edwards’ and the Gores were hanging out together. Just sayin’.

  10. You’re much too serious, joe.

  11. joeremi Says:

    I take my puns very seriously.

  12. lonestar77 Says:

    Whew! I thought you meant he was getting married again.

  13. ^ Silly boy. She’s way too old for him.

  14. tooncigars Says:

    is elizabeth still dying?– i know they used that to much advantage during the campaign– just wondering how much time she has left

  15. meggielou Says:

    Elizabeth Edwards has terminal cancer. I don’t know if anyone is talking about “how much time she has”, but in pictures I’ve seen of her recently, her health seems to be deteriorating. Having had close family members suffer from this horrible disease, (as have many of you, I’m sure), I would not wish that fate on my worst enemy.
    Reports indicate that Mrs. Edwards has certainly been no saint, but I can only imagine the suffering – and not just from her illness – that she is experiencing. I don’t have sufficient words to describe the contempt I have for her husband – what a sleaze bag.

  16. I don’t have sufficient words to describe the sleazy cynicism in the wording of Tooncigars’ question. You got lucky, buddy; Meggie is much nicer than I am. Now do me a favor and take Dick Cheney’s advice..

  17. As I recall, the Edwards campaigns acknowledged the cancer issue and answered questions about it. That’s not “taking advantage”. Even if they did, so what?

    There’s plenty of legitimate criticisms to direct at John Edwards and even a few for Elizabeth. That was cynical and gratuitous.

  18. laura l Says:

    — cynical and gratuitous. —

    Not that those aren’t laudable, given the right circumstances.

  19. tooncigars Says:

    and u’r lucky i’m in a good mood tonight tough guy– SEIU guys well… i just usually chew them up and spit them out– elizabeth edwards is just as much of a liar as her old man– and don’t talk to me about cynicism, chief– she knew what he was doing the whole time and was willing to screw the American people for power and glory along with her old man– and folks with her kind of virulent cancer don’t keep going on and on and on– so yeah, i’m cynical– jeez man if u want to hit on chicks like Meggie just ask her– don’t act all noble and such– hope u’r not having trouble collecting those slave wages u guys rape out of the state of california– i hear there having a bit of financial trouble out there what with all the blood sucking unions and illegals

  20. joeremi Says:

    Aah, a quiet Sunday evening, I think I’ll catch up on the weekend’s doings at ICN..wait..WHAT?

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