to Reboot Monday…

Mediaweek’s Mike Shields writes about’s upcoming Monday reboot…

On Monday (June 28) the news site will roll out a sweeping redesign that encapsulates what publisher and general manager Charlie Tillinghast called “a major rethinking of what a news site is.” At the heart of that redesign is a philosophy that Web pages needn’t be text centric, and that Web ads should be large and not relegated to the periphery. “We don’t start with the premise that this is a newspaper online,” said Tillinghast. “In the past we’ve bolted on video and photos and commentary to text pages. Now all of those elements are equal.”

But even more radical is’s decision to no longer serve banner ads, long the Web industry’s bread and butter. “The banner is dead on our site,” said Tillinghast. “They’ve become too commoditized,” particularly when they are served every time a user clicks to a new page, no matter how quickly they depart or whether they even see the whole page. But the new is designed to be anti–page view to bring more content to the surface and require far less navigation by users.

7 Responses to “ to Reboot Monday…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    …and that Web ads should be large and not relegated to the periphery.

    Just what the world was waiting for. Looks like I’ll be changing my home page..

  2. tooncigars Says:

    i don’t care about the reboot– let’s talk about semi-real MSNBC worries– do u think joe and mika are in danger?– no, no , no… it can’t go that far… even tho they were both off on friday– god forbid– they may actually have to get mainstream and may have to deny that they are revamping their radio show when the radio show is toast– what i like to do is call joe on being two faced– he’s slowly… becoming a slave to mika (not there’s anything wrong with that)– he really does remind me of “banjo boy” from ” Deliverance” with his little corn row teeth and his good old boy beady eyes– try joey– Regards, tooncigars

  3. Mental note: Next time Spud posts something about, make sure to say something about Fox & Friends.

  4. cristanti Says:

    yea, love that FOX AND FRIENDS, as do many others by their ratings, huh? they beat msnbc and cnn daily, whether you like it or not, we all know you dont like it but there must be some out there that do. joe and mika will never beat them and their radio show was a bomb, boring, just a remake of their morning show, maybe if joe would go back to what he was a real conservative and not the pawn of msnbc he just may get more viewers, just an opinion. look at the ratings poll numbers if you dont believe me. in fact look at all the msnbc shows, the numbers suck compared to FOX NEWS, truth hurts.

  5. Perhaps my comment was a little too subtle..

  6. meggielou Says:

    Joe, I was thinking the same thing. You really need to work on that…

  7. joeremi Says:


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