What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/27/10

What’s Hot:

Elliot Spitzer – Spitzer and Kathleen Parker were tapped by CNN to host its latest attempt at 8pm ET. I’m refraining from commenting until I see the show…

Remember me? – Keith Olbermann returned to Daily Kos…

Jane Skinner – Skinner is departing FNC…

Skinner’s Replacement – Let the speculation games begin. ICN did and put up a poll. The leading contender was Jenna Lee until the Patti Ann Browne fan club got a hold of the poll and skewed the results…

What’s Not:

Ron Blackwell – Disagreeing with your host is one thing. Calling him an a-hole on live TV is something else entirely…

24 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/27/10”

  1. joeremi Says:

    Client #9 shouldn’t be allowed to desecrate the halls of CNN with that fake-conservative Parker, KO is delusional, and Blackwell doesn’t believe his own propaganda which is why he called Cavuto who totally knows what he’s talking about an A-hole. There..that’s done.

  2. laura l Says:

    ^ The boy’s learning. There’s hope for us all.

  3. laura l Says:

    And as far as Spitzer is concerned, the man’s being rewarded for cheating on his wife with wh0res. Way to go, CNN.

  4. georg35214 Says:

    what patti ann browne fan are you suggesting sked the results ? her yahoo fansite had no mention of the poll. that is the only ‘official ” fan site.

  5. tinafromtampa Says:

    Parker had a statement regarding this in her WAPO column. She claims that Spitzer’s indiscretion was between him and his family. She completely ignores the fact that Spitzer prosecuted others for what he himself was guilty of.

    CNN giving the disgraced governor a prime time slot to express his opinions because he is an intelligent individual is too funny. He is a liar and a cheater — on second thought, he will fit right in on CNN.

  6. malone42 Says:

    Not only did Patti Ann’s fan site not have any mention of this poll but I have not seen any mention of this poll on any other site.

  7. laura l Says:

    We used to try and discourage behavior like that. Now we give it a TV-show. They should replace Parker with Vitter and be done with it.

  8. motownman Says:

    Maybe the results changed because PAB has a LOT of fans who appreciate the quality work she has done at MSNBC and FNC.

  9. terance Says:

    ..or maybe the 6 fans PAB has just cleared their cookies and stacked the deck..

  10. malone42 Says:

    then why can’t the same be said that is why Jenna Lee did so well in the vote?
    If people are going to be accused of stacking the decks then have some proof.

  11. stevemg Says:

    Joe, where do we send you your “Palin/Jindal 2012” bumpersticker?

    The problem I have with the show (other than the obvious ones) is that CNN has once again selected a party hack and placed him against a journalist. The reason “Crossfire” turned into a mess was that Begala and Carville turned it into a forum to attack Republicans at all turns and defend Democrats when they weren’t on the offensive.

    It’s in the interest of Spitzer to defend Democrats. That’s what he is. It’s not in the interest of Parker to do the same with Republicans.

  12. I’ll count myself as a PAB fan… but I voted for Harris Faulkner.


    I’m having second thoughts about him hosting a show. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be good at it. I’m sure other numbered clients have been hosts, and wasn’t Dick Morris caught in an odd playtime activity?

  13. joeremi Says:

    ^I’m having the opposite reaction, and reminding me of “the toe sucker” doesn’t help. I was willing to give the show a shot, but the more I think about it, the more the idea of rewarding Spitzer’s sleaziness bothers me.

    Steve makes a good point (as usual!) about the pol vs. journalist issue. The thing I love about Parker is she doesn’t spout party talking points all day. As long as Spitzer has thoughts of using this oppurtunity to get back into office, he’ll be making sure he doesn’t piss off The Machine.

    Why is Dick Morris on television?

  14. starbroker Says:

    I think ICN’s “proof” that the PAB fans hijacked the poll was that PAB didn’t have that many votes after 2 days of polling. But then when the poll/story dropped way down on the site, all of a sudden PAB goes from less than 5% to 30%. Almost all the votes during that downtime all went to PAB.

  15. malone42 Says:

    But that is not the way the voting happened. PAB was always running a close 2nd or 3rd with Shannon Bream and Jenna Lee. PAB was never in the 5% with most of the others. PAB had a steady voting that continued Sunday while Jenna Lee’s voting slacked off.

  16. speedking70 Says:

    Jenna and Shannon lead by a significant margin. The PAB “crowd” clearly manipulated the results. I doubt it’s more than a half dozen…

    Seeing her FANCLUB LEADER say it didn’t happen is just hilarious. Shannon and Jenna don’t have an obsessive follower like Malone. The guy who CAMPAIGNED to get PAB on “Red Eye” more often. Gee, why would anyone think there was funny business!

  17. joeremi Says:

    ^THIS is the hottest topic on ICN?

  18. speedking70 Says:

    You chimed in…so it must be.

    Smart ass

  19. joeremi Says:

    ^HA! Good point.

  20. ^ I second that… Joe’s a smart ass, that is.

    Now I’m having third thoughts about Spitzer and Parker. Dagnabbit.

  21. laura l Says:

    — third thoughts —

    We’re wearing you down.

  22. joeremi Says:

    Joe’s a smart ass, that is.

    What’s your point?

  23. what patti ann browne fan are you suggesting sked the results ? her yahoo fansite had no mention of the poll. that is the only ‘official ” fan site.

    Ahem…let me clarify this and defend Malone. I used the term “Patti Ann Browne” fan club in the generic sense and wasn’t referring to any specific entitity.

    The results in this poll are definitely being skewed by fans. and not just PAB fans. I normally get about 100 responses to the average poll. The record was around 200. This is double that as of today.

    So someone or multiple someones have referenced this poll somewhere because the votes are still coming in fast and furious for a poll that’s many days old. Normally voting tails off after a few days. Not in this case. It’s still going strong. Almost 100 votes since yesterday. That surge is a red flag that a link to this poll has been placed somewhere and the fans, and not ICN regulars, are coming in.

    Not that it really matters. This was neither a serious nor scientific poll. It was just for fun. So let’s not get too hung up over how it’s all unfolding…

  24. joeremi Says:

    ^It’s also bringing in stragglers that never bothered with it the other day. I voted for Harris today.

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