Katie Couric Live? Ain’t Happening…

The New York Post’s Michael Shain reports that Katie Couric has taken herself out of the running for Larry King’s job. Read this article all the way through because Shain also reports that CNN/CBS talks have started up yet again…

Katie Couric is in serious talks to stay at CBS — though not necessarily as anchor for the evening news — when her $15-million-a-year contract expires next year, according to well-placed sources.

The talks have heated up since she quietly informed CNN last month that she was not interested in taking over Larry King’s spot, the sources say.

Update: The LA Times’ Matea Gold pours some water on The Post’s story…

But a source familiar with the situation said Couric has not turned down an offer from CNN and has not begun negotiating with anyone about what she will do after her current contract expires in 2011. Couric appears to be leaving the door open to pursuing a variety of options, including remaining at CBS. Negotiations with that network are not expected to begin until the fall.

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  1. And the reaction here might explain why..

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