The 4pm Ratings Landscape…

Business Insider’s Joe Pompeo has year to date numbers for the 4pm ET timeslot. Pompeo focuses in on Dylan Ratigan’s show being down but what really leaps out at me is the nearly 40% across the board decline for CNN at 4pm. 40% is a big drop off.

7 Responses to “The 4pm Ratings Landscape…”

  1. Dylan’s ratings being down is a bit discouraging to me, because I’m a pretty big fan of his, but hopefully he can rebound and get somewhere proving his popularity. I think he’s pretty well liked and doing a great job at that hour, so I don’t see why he can’t improve.

  2. joeremi Says:

    He’s got a message problem, as in..he only has one message. It’s like a band churning out one great song..then repeating it endlessly (see: The Knack, My Sharona). You’ve seen one Dylan Ratigan Show, you’ve seen ’em all.

  3. I totally agree with Joe. Ratigan’s shtick is starting to make me cheer for the banks. Even when he guests on other shows on different topics within two minutes he’s ranting about banks gambling with your money. Just give it a rest.

  4. speedking70 Says:

    Joe hit the target, Ratigan is a one note performer and it’s not entirely convincing. He’s always been a loud, empty bravado type but more and more it seems like schtick. One of the dozen or so “Howard Beale” clones that clog the tv landscape

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Neil Cavuto is a nice guy and presents a variety of business topics on his program each day. I’m glad he garners a consistent (and growing) audience.

    And when he’s gone, even Stuart Varney puts on a great show! The other substitutes are good, but not like Varney.

  6. joeremi Says:

    Agreed, Missy. If I watched any cable news at all at 4:00, it was usually whatever was on MSNBC at the time, but since Ratigan took that slot, I’ve found myself turning to Cavuto more often. I (obviously) tend to disagree with him, but “nice guy” and “variety” make his show watchable.

  7. Cavuto! He’s got the hair, the cute, and the back-story. He interviewed my uncle, but I’ll forgive him for that.

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