In Depth: Finally CNN Gives Definitive Piers Morgan Answer…Almost…

Why, why, why CNN kept the Piers Morgan story alive by not shooting it down completely I don’t know. Bad PR or they just wanted to stay the center of discussion – the “only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” strategy if you will – regardless of the validity of the discussion? Who knows. Anyway Broadcasting & Cable’s Marissa Guthrie pulls Jon Klein’s teeth and the answer finally comes out…

But in an email message to B&C, Klein completely disavowed the rumors, writing, “We never have negotiated with Piers.” He declined to elaborate in response to follow-up requests.

Well, that settles that…

wait…hang on…no it doesn’t.

Klein didn’t just disavow all the rumors. He only disavowed the rumors pertaining to CNN negotiating with Piers Morgan. That still leaves alive the rumors that CNN was talking with Morgan and that CNN wanted to know if Morgan would like to have the 6pm slot. All three could be true. CNN could have even offered the slot to Morgan but they hadn’t gotten around to negotiating yet. Still too much wiggle room here in Klein’s answer and I’m not at all surprised that Klein didn’t respond to Guthrie’s follow up questions.

Every time this network tries to bury the Piers Morgan story, the more legitimacy it ends up giving to it. Either come clean and say “Yeah, we’ve talked to the guy but we’re nowhere near close to a deal” or clam up about it already with a big fat “No Comment”. Stop trying to be cute and Clintonian with your answers. You guys just keep hurting yourselves with this story. And I think I could see why. If it came out that CNN has been talking to Morgan it totally upends Tuesday’s very delicately crafted Larry King exit storyline where King called it a day on his own that it was his decision. That doesn’t fly anymore if CNN had been courting Morgan and it adds more fuel to what people have been hinting at but haven’t come out directly and said; Larry King didn’t leave…he was pushed. The network may be in a real bind here.

Update: It also doesn’t help the King narrative any to have CNN insiders talking to Howard Kurtz

Piers Morgan, a former editor of London’s Daily Mirror and News of the World but best known in the United States as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” is seen by some CNN and industry insiders as most likely to inherit the program.

Update 2: Kurtz link fixed.

2 Responses to “In Depth: Finally CNN Gives Definitive Piers Morgan Answer…Almost…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    Why would anyone want to watch a Simon Cowell clone? Johnathan an idiot.

  2. starbroker Says:

    “We never have negotiated with Piers.”>

    Because you don’t negotiate with the talent. You negotiate with their AGENT!

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