Blogus Interruptus…

Blogging resumes tomorrow afternoon…

14 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    Lovely. I don’t get Rachel Maddow from Afghanistan tonight, but I do get Chris Hayes assuring me that LeBron’s Earth-shattering Breaking News will be announced to me the moment it comes in. Maybe an intern will rush to hand it to Dan Abrams like the night the Supreme Court shut down the 2000 recount..

  2. laura l Says:

    I’m seeing the close-up shot of feet running down the hallway. Reminds me of some crappy movie chosen by other people. Or something.

  3. joeremi Says:

    Reminds me of some crappy movie..

    It could be worse. You could’ve sat in a theater with a bunch of giggling teenagers watching Twilight: Eclipse. I don’t recommend it..

  4. joeremi Says:

    HE’S SIGNING WITH THE MIAMI HEAT! OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Can I have my news back now?

  5. laura l Says:

    — in a theater —

    You get to go out?

    — Lebron —

    What’s the Miami Heat?

  6. joeremi Says:

    You get to go out?

    You don’t have to go out?

    What’s the Miami Heat?

    It’s a dry heat.

  7. laura l Says:

    You’ve never been to Florida. Nothing is dry. Clothing can rust.

  8. joeremi Says:

    Chris Hayes is was way out of line. He did an uninformed commentary about a controversial police shooting here in Oakland. Hispanic BART-train officer shoots and kills black kid on New Year’s Eve, claims he meant to use a taser, which is obvious by the look of shock on the faces of himself and the other officers in the various videos that captured the event.

    Hayes has decided that a white Los Angeles jury gave him involuntary manslaughter because they’re racist. Clearly Mr. Hayes has read none of the convoluted and confusing testimony from the trial, which leads to the irrefutable conclusion that nobody is sure exactly how that gun ended up in the cop’s hand..including the cop. Idiot.

  9. ^ I don’t know much about the case but has the right to state his opinion even on TV. If the decision had gone against the cop you can bet the FOX crowd would be doing the same thing. You have your opinion and state it here he has his and stated there. It’s called free speech. Me I have no opinion on this.

  10. tooncigars Says:

    let the looting in Oakland begin!!!

  11. joeremi Says:

    Fritz, where did you get the idea I had a problem with Mr. Hayes’ right to free speech? I simply criticized his opinion.

    I misstated the makeup of the jury. “No blacks”, not “all white”.

  12. Sorry Joe, When you said he was way out of line I took it that you were upset at his expressing his opinion on a borrowed medium (guest host on RM’s show) My bad.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Fritz – and this is a pet peeve of mine – I try to be very specific in my comments. I thought it was clear that “way out of line” referred to “uninformed, but inferred an injustice was done”. I like Hayes, generally agree with him, and thought he would be a better choice to follow RM’s show, but his kneejerk “the black man got screwed again” response to a story he clearly didn’t know much about bothered me.

  14. tooncigars Says:

    Fritz – and this is a pet peeve of mine – I try to be very specific in my comments. I thought it was clear that “way out of line” referred to “uninformed, but inferred an injustice was done”. — ummm… i don’t have a dog in this fight but it seems to me the whelp is giving in to the grumpy top dog much too quickly– thoughts?–

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