What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/11/10

What’s Hot:

Octavia Nasr – Not much more needs to be said here. This will be a mistake that she will regret and will stick with her the rest of her life.

FBN’s Magic Wall – I saw it yesterday. It’s as slick as it was purported to be. It’s not just a mere touch screen like CNN’s which up till now has been used mostly to open, move, and enlarge/shrink things on the screen (as far as I can tell). It’s a whole system and a lot of time and planning went into programming that system and setting up the databases needed to pull it off.

MSNBC blacklists Kos – And Kos isn’t going away quietly.

Jenna Lee – Jenna Lee jumps from FBN to FNC in order to anchor “Happening Now”

What’s Not:

Coverage of Lebron James – You’d think this was a national security issue of importance to all Americans the way the media pandered to this story. It’s just an overpriced athelete strutting his ego in front of the cameras. Proportionality people….


14 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/11/10”

  1. starbroker Says:

    Jenna Lee will work with both. She’ll be on FNC and still be on FBN.

  2. KO did a searing segment on the ESPN LeBron Show. Just the segments he showed were unbearable; I pity the fans who were screwed by the whole hour. I don’t know enough about basketball to know or care how good a player he is, but anybody who announces “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” is a self-absorbed idiot.

  3. starbroker Says:

    It’s ridiculous people complain about LeBron and ESPN showing it. ESPN donated the time. Nobody had to watch.

    Boys and Girls Club alone got $2.5 million out of it.


  4. It’s ridiculous you think reviewing an ESPN show is ridiculous. By your standard, all criticism of anything on television can be dismissed with “nobody has to watch”, which pretty much eliminates the need for Inside Cable News, doesn’t it?

  5. tooncigars Says:

    Hot: Obama and Steadman being the only ones who think Arizona needs to be smacked down for attempting to do the Federal Gov’ts job except for hispanic groups–

    Not Hot: World Cup Soccer– thank u jesu that it’s FINALLY over– now back to real sport like baseball and training camps (does this mean the Dutch will be more likely to help “bail-out” Spain in the immediate future?)–

  6. tooncigars Says:

    Hot: Trolling for “Trolls” or Cannabalistic Trolls– via Ace– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pESOSI2hTA&feature=player_embedded

    Not Hot: Bob Hope goes on a golfing vacation… again…

  7. tooncigars Says:

    Hot: Switzerland to rule (finally) on wether convicted rapist (Polanski) can be extradited to the United States (it’s back to work for the Swiss now that the World Cup is over)– http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=103827&catid=158

    Not Hot: Barefoot, white, 6′ 5″ rube caught in mostly black Bahamas by great FBI and local police work– kudos all around (i mean, was this kid begging to be caught or what?)–

  8. tooncigars Says:

    ^ahhh, Swiss justice– the judge must of lost a bundle on the Dutch– i guess they figure since Roman can’t get it up anymore he’s no threat to any little girls these days– what the heck, they like ’em young in Europe anyway– no big deal– c’est la vie, oui?–

  9. Quelle que soit. Polanski est un fluage.

  10. joeremi Says:


  11. tooncigars Says:

    is that “freedom fries” joe, or is that just ur condition?–

  12. Caught part of Happening Now earlier today. My initial reaction was “ho-hum”. Nothing specific to criticise Jenna Lee or Jon Scott, but the show didn’t draw my interest. Maybe next time.

  13. laura l Says:

    She’s got that bland, sorority-sister look, combined with looking as though she’s working with her father. Should be a big hit.

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