HUGE SHOCK! Piers Morgan Stories Return…(okay, not really)

Now that Larry King is on his way out officially I guess it’s time for the Piers Morgan machine to start churning again. The New York Times’ Brian Stelter and Bill Carter write about NBC and Turner coming to terms on Piers Morgan, a stumbling block to Morgan getting anywhere on CNN. Note that this need to come to terms prohibited CNN from negotiating with Morgan. Which means my writing about CNN being very Clintonian in its public statements regarding King and Morgan seems pretty on target. Because CNN was indeed accurate and truthful when it said it wasn’t and hadn’t negotiated with Morgan. It was true because it couldn’t negotiate with Morgan. But at the same time it was total misdirection and BS because CNN clearly wanted to negotiate with Morgan and King hadn’t yet been told to call it a day allowed to exit gracefully which was something that had to happen for appearances sake before Morgan could be negotiated with.

Now it appears CNN is going to get Piers Morgan. But that’s not all they’ll get. They’ll also get a lot of questions aimed at them by a MSM Media Writer contingent who, rightly or wrongly, probably thinks it either got played or lied to. They aren’t interested in nuance and what the definition of the word “is” is. And that’s not good for CNN which will want to put Morgan out front of a press which is probably more skeptical of the network’s statements than it was three months ago.

Piers Morgan, the mean judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” is poised to take over Larry King’s coveted time slot on CNN, thanks to an imminent deal between the two media giants that own the channels.

NBC, which attracts 20 million viewers to “Got Talent” each summer, has signaled that it is willing to share Mr. Morgan with CNN. That decision frees Mr. Morgan to directly negotiate with CNN and, according to three people involved in the delicate maneuvering between the companies, a contract could be signed within a few days.

If completed, the deal would vault Mr. Morgan, a native of Britain, onto the Mount Rushmore of TV’s top interviewers, alongside Oprah, Barbara and Katie. It will also demonstrate that CNN thinks there is still room in primetime for long-form interviews with public servants and starlets, a stark contrast to the partisan pundits on its higher-rated competitors.

Update: Yahoo News’ Michael Calderone gives a history of the Morgan/King saga and has this at the end…

A CNN spokesman wouldn’t confirm the Times report or respond to questions about when the “negotiations” began. “There is nothing I can say,” the spokesman told Yahoo! News.

This time, however, CNN didn’t deny any negotiations.

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