The Hazards of Live TV: #25,066 – Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 10

Two words…train wreck

24 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,066 – Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 10”

  1. laura l Says:

    She’s been hanging-out with O’Reilly a bit much, I think. Except he’s mellowed over the years. Good TV. Can we strike the words ‘With all due respect’, and all variants from the TV-lexicon?

  2. tooncigars Says:

    i’d like to strike from TV: “Having said that” as well laura– Megyn is very informed about the case while Powers pulls the old stand-by: blame the Boooosh!– clearly these two have bad blood between them from the past– i think Kirsten got her head handed to her as she shouldn’t show up at an interview with a sharpy like Kelly and not be informed– but Meggsy was very, very angry– a bit too much so

  3. Megan has a problem with those who disagree with her. Who knew! Perhaps some anger management classes or a date with Mel Gibson. Now there’s a couple made for each other.

  4. ^

    Ummm no…

    She had a problem with Kirsten not knowing or reading about the case.

  5. OK lurker,glad you cleared that up.
    BTW Megan should read Megyn, a much more interesting spelling.

  6. jerziegrl Says:

    O.M.G. ridiculousness!

    Both clearly went in with an agenda. Kirsten had that look on her face of bewidlerment and annoyance long before Megyn got to her, but Megyn went in right away with claws out looking for a fight. It was as if she knew what Kirsten was going to say and had it planned out.

    I like Megyn, but didn’t like the way she handled herself in this “discussion”. Agree with Laura, she’s been hanging with BO too much (and maybe Sean Hannity).

  7. stevemg Says:

    Good job here by Megyn Kelley the commenator. Or advocate? Or analyst? Or guest?

    Oh, that’s right, she was moderating the discussion.

    This is moderating?

  8. THAT was entertaining! I’d say they’re my two favourite cable talking chicks – both intelligent, and both usually reasonable and well-prepared. Neither was reasonable this time, but it was great.

    They’re probably getting drinks together right now. Kelly’s buying.

  9. harry1420 Says:

    just proves she’s not a anchor/ reporter/journalist! and that her SHOW is not a news program…but newstainment. but what else would one expect from fox!

  10. joeremi Says:

    You are correct, Harry. America Live is an opinion show. If Megyn’s not ‘moderating’ a debate between her ‘rightness’ and a lib, she’s moderating one between herself and Hugh Hewitt agreeing with each other. And she’s doing it LOUDLY.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    harry1420 Says:
    July 13, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    just proves she’s not a anchor/ reporter/journalist! and that her SHOW is not a news program…but newstainment. but what else would one expect from fox!

    I was wondering how long it would take to get in the first “FOX slam.” Not that long, really.

    Anyway… is there any program on any network that you wouldn’t describe as “news-tainment?” It’s the business as we know it. Let’s not pretend it’s something else.

  12. laura l Says:

    Not much ‘tainment’ on CNN, apparently.

  13. jeauxjeaux720 Says:

    Kirsten Powers is actually a pretty moderate Democrat from what I’ve observed since she’s been on Fox. She hasn’t been one to open her mouth blaming Bush everytime anybody criticizes President Obama. Megyn clearly seemed to have the facts on her side but came at her way too hard. When I watched this, I wondered if there was some personal, behind the scenes animosity that carried over on-camera.

  14. Kirsten Powers is pretty smart and normally well-prepared. This time she was off her game. Had she paid any attention at all to how the show goes, she’d have known not to try using arguments that skirt the issue. Kelly asks specific, attorney-style questions and seems to enjoy guests who can throw a wrench into her line of reasoning.

    Powers is a liberal who can skilfully do so. Just not today.

  15. It’s lucky for MSNBC that this happened. They ran a lengthy portion of it on Morning Joe.

    Has anyone ever done the research (you know, someone with know life) to see exactly how much video from FOX news takes up the air time on a week at MSNBC?

    From MSNBC’s perspective, it’s genius, because it cuts way down on production costs to re-air footage from other networks.

  16. Oops.

    No life, not “know life”

  17. imnotblue Says:

    Perhaps this is just a method to force the other networks to actually talk about this story…

  18. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly walks back yesterdays tirade as it has garnered a lot of negative publicity and made her look like a bit of a bully.
    I would expect the usual non apology apology; you know; I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my comments etc.
    We’ll see.

  19. tooncigars Says:

    good point on the Fox thing JWE– i think i’d fall out of my chair if Morning Joe made it through one show without mentioning Sarah Palin– they showed an editorial where some elite made fun of Palin in an editorial– they just don’t seem to understand that everytime they do that, she gets another 20 grand in contributions to the campaign fund from the people in the hinterland who resent their attitudes–

  20. “people in the hinterland”
    Nice to see she has the hinterland vote. 🙂

  21. motownman Says:

    The whole thing made me VERY uncomfortable.
    Megyn proved she is neither fair nor balanced and hardly played the role of straight news anchor.
    I think what got her going was when Kirsten said: “Count me in with those who don’t see what the big deal is.”
    Well, to Megyn, who had the two-part interview with the alleged whistleblower, that was like saying she had wasted her time on the whole thing.
    It was very unprofessional, but Fox got what it wanted, a lot of discussion about the segment.
    I doubt Kirsten appears on Megyn’s show again.

  22. tooncigars Says:

    true motown, but it’s my understanding that Megyn had also interviewed the atty. that quit the DOJ before taking on Kirsten and i think she was upset by the way Powers started talking like she knew anything– at all– Megs knew what she was talking about– plus there has got to be bad blood from before with those two, it just “shows” too much for there not to be–

  23. tooncigars Says:

    ^laugh at ur own liberal peril foolish fritz– the people in the middle of the country don’t like “progressive” elites making fun of a woman they see who talks what they see is plain sense to them– the coastal crew, aided by much of the coastal media, seems to think they are the brain trust of this nation– that’s the mistake people made when they elected Obama– see where it’s got us two years in?–

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