This is kinda funny. Hunter Stuart writes on The Huffington Post about NBC’s Mike Viquera changing shirts four times yesterday and MSNBC’s graphics department and Norah O’Donnell calling him on it…

4 Responses to “Wardrobe!”

  1. Funny; although Mike didn’t look exactly thrilled to be the butt of her joke. I see payback at some future date.

  2. Love the comments under this story. There’s a virulent group of commenters at HuffPo who complain about every story that isn’t about something “that matters”. People that apparently are unaware of the massive amount of information on all levels presented there every day.

    Which reminds me..why did Spud post this piffle? What about the children..?

  3. laura l Says:

    Unless he’s sleeveless, I just don’t care.

  4. joeremi Says:


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