Free for All: 07/20/10

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21 Responses to “Free for All: 07/20/10”

  1. Helloooooooooooo?

  2. tinafromtampa Says:

    Palin weighs in on the journolist story from the Daily Caller. Good for her. The proof that the media lefties collude to generate a story-line is big news….at least I think it is.

    Wonder what will be revealed next. The whole “racist” meme, adopted by MSM, proposed by journolist, is a pretty good story. I wonder if the archives are in the hands of Tucker or Breitbart now? Could be lots of fun stuff coming down the pike.

  3. Outsider Says:

    A columnist from the National Post sees Glenn Beck and “neo-communist” Naomi Klein aren’t too different in their views of the world based on their books The Overton Window and The Shock Doctrine.

  4. Crowley & Colmes… Both annoy me.

    PAB on Red Eye (Friday?)…. Boring. She used to be hilarious. What happened?

    MSNBC… A show comes on and my black lab, who seldom makes a noise, barks. Noticed same whenever Bravo is on the telly. What’s with that? Doesn’t happen with the local NBC affiliate.

  5. laura l Says:

    This right here is the reason why I react to charges of ”racism” the way that I do. It’s a tactic, it’s a lie, and it won’t stop until we stop being defensive about it. The response ought to be ”screw you, prove it”.

  6. This whole Shirley Sherrod video story has been handled by Fox in a way that just leaves you shaking your head.
    First they take a scrap of video and go crazy over it without checking any of the facts or contacting anyone to see if it was actually true. This is the norm for FNC so no great surprise there. The part that puts them in a class by themselves in flat out right wing nuttiness happened when after a day of blasting out the story they find out it has no basis in fact, none, nada; in fact the story is exactly the opposite of what they promoted it as being.
    Do the apologize?
    They blame the White House for railroading Ms Sherrod because they fired her (not a profile in courage by any means) based on “reporting” on Fox News. For shear gall nothing beats FNC.

  7. -Racism and other false accusations-
    I learned as a child that falsely accusing another of a wrong is always a greater wrong than the one you accuse that person of committing. Somewhere along the way this became accepted behaviour. Apparently integrity is dead.

    – Hannity & Hannity –
    Mildly entertaining on the DVR’s 2x speed.

  8. laura l Says:

    — 2x speed —

    Wonder if that would make his hair move?

  9. -hair move-

    Unscrew the plastic head and give it a hockey slapshot. The hair still wouldn’t move.

    -Shirley Sherrod –

    What she said was bad and I suspect she believes it was, too. My first thought upon watching that video was that she hammed-up her comments for the audience she was addressing.
    I also think Andrew Breitbart went nuts pushing this and framed it the way he did knowing some would see it as another ACORN-ish story.

  10. Al: You actually need to watch the entire video not just the edited Breitbart fragment to see how she was framed.
    It’s the same tactic he used in the Acorn tapes which now have also been totally discredited.
    I doubt he will have any credibility left with anyone, other than FNC, after this episode.

  11. ^ I did watch it, fritz. We see this differently, but only slightly so. He’s lost cred with me, for sure. But the ACORN story has not been “totally discredited”.

  12. tooncigars Says:

    it seems to be wrong, but only since it was “24” years ago– and one wonders what she’d been doing at her job in the proceeding years when she felt “whitey” had acted like he was “superior” to her– maybe grovelling would be appropriate– toon

  13. ouchboy Says:

    AS a conservative, I admit that Mrs.Sherrod should not be fired, after seeing more of the tape.
    Now Bretbart did not call for to be fired, he put that edited tape out to show how msnbc likes to do the tea party tapes (edited) to try and show tp as racist people.
    The naacp and the white house fired her before they knew the whole story, All you libbers like to condemn fox for running a story about racist topics, but when msnbc and cnn does the same thing for a week about the tea party its ok with you guys. Double standard I say.

  14. It was appropriate that she be asked to resign. Had Ms. Sherrod held a regular job within the department then what she said was not cause to fire her. But hers was an appointed position serving “at the pleasure of the President” and the standards are and should be much higher.

    I’m ok with Breitbart pulling stunts to show hypocrisy, but then he should stop pushing his websites as journalism. Can’t have it both ways.

  15. joeremi Says:

    Ms. Sherrod was illustrating an episode from her past about the lessons she learned about black-and-white and rich-and-poor. She admitted a cultural bias from her childhood that she had to overcome. That goon Brietbart set her up, and the dumbass Obama administration fell for it. What part of the American public am I worried is getting all their news from Fox? The executive branch.

  16. ^ Ironically, a segment on FNC’s Special Report about the controversy is causing me to reconsider.

  17. Yeah, I can watch that video and see things from two completely irreconcilable perspectives. I can see how someone would perceive she totally got screwed. That someone might be right.

  18. laura l Says:

    Maybe the White House should watch Special Report more often.

  19. I’m old enough to remember Watergate. It seems to me most news leans left. As an old man now I wonder. If Nixon was a democrat, would Watergate have been a story?

  20. Maybe I should have posted the snippet from Hot Air.That’s kinda long.

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