Ratigan vs. Freire

NewsBusters’ Alex Fitzsimmons writes about things getting a little heated on the Dylan Ratigan show today…

On his July 20 afternoon program, Dylan Ratigan shouted down the Washington Examiner’s J.P. Freire for challenging the MSNBC host’s liberal orthodoxy and accusing him of giving more air time to the liberal panelist appearing opposite him.

Eschewing any sense of balanced reporting, Ratigan thundered: “I said I’m in charge of the show. I decide who I’ll talk to. I might spend the entire time talking to Jonathan Capehart and not talk to you at all. And then you can choose never to come on my show again.”

“I’m sorry, Jonathan was taking up a lot of my time earlier in the segment,” explained Freire. “Look at the amount of time he’s been talking and the amount of time I was talking.”

8 Responses to “Ratigan vs. Freire”

  1. I heard the segment today (the TV was on in the background) and thought I should bring it up here but as it was Ratigan I thought who would care if he went off, yet again, on a guest.

  2. stevemg Says:

    Megyn Kelly, meet Dylan Ratigan.

    Ratigan’s been pulling stunts like this for awhile. He’s either incapable of acting like an adult or this is an attempt to garner attention.

    Very unprofessional people on these networks.

  3. stevemg Says:

    Speaking of eccentric individuals (ahem), O’Reilly just said that the lack of coverage on the Black Panther/DOJ story was the “greatest journalistic scandal in the history of the Republic.”

    The greatest?

    Cue Twilight Zone music.

  4. tinafromtampa Says:

    I agree with O’Reilly. It is pathetic what we have for “journalists” these days. They spike any/every story that may have a negative impact on he, himself, the One.

    It is a huge scandal…why not the greatest? What the media is doing now is showing they are completely and totally in the tank for Obama and will hide relevant and critical information from the public.

    It is the greatest scandal because the media are destroying themselves, shooting themselves in the foot, by their complete and utter ignorance and intentional deception.

    They have become the enemedia. That is a great scandal.

  5. wheresthebeef09 Says:


    tina, get some new material
    (or at the very least stop writing the same stuff across multiple tv news-related websites)

  6. mlong5000 Says:

    Ratigan is an a##hole….but atleast he was honest and admits that he isn’t fair to his guest if he doesn’t agree with them.

  7. ^Kinda like Hannity with a brain .

  8. stevemg Says:

    The greatest journalistic scandal in our history? Greatest? As in the highest?

    Did you ever hear of, just for example, Walter Duranty?

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