Martin Bashir Joins NBC News/MSNBC…

Well this is a shock move as there was no hint this was coming. MSNBC announced that Martin Bashir has jumped from ABC to NBC/MSNBC…


NEW YORK – July 22, 2010 –Martin Bashir has been named MSNBC anchor and contributor to “Dateline NBC.” Bashir will anchor a daily afternoon program on MSNBC in addition to his new role with “Dateline NBC.” The announcement was made today by Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC. Bashir will begin at MSNBC and NBC News in September.

“I’ve followed Martin’s career for many years and have always admired his work,” said Griffin. “He fits in with what MSNBC wants to be: he’s smart, original, and thoughtful. I couldn’t be happier to bring someone of his caliber to the network.”

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining MSNBC and NBC,” said Bashir. “This is a rare and special opportunity – to host a daily news and current affairs show and also work on long-form journalism both at MSNBC and with ‘Dateline.’ This is an enormous privilege and I cannot wait to get started.”

Bashir is best known for making landmark documentaries including “Living With Michael Jackson,” which 27 million American viewers tuned in to watch in 2003 and prompted an extensive police investigation of the singer. He also conducted an exclusive interview with the Princess Diana, which remains the only television interview with her.

Most recently, Martin Bashir co-anchored ABC News’ “Nightline” since October 2005. He joined ABC’s newsmagazine “20/20” in September 2004. His first work for ABC was a memorable investigation into the BALCO steroids scandal that accused former US track star Marion Jones of cheating. In May 2008, Bashir anchored a documentary on the Sistine Chapel for “20/20,” which marked the 500th year since Michelangelo began painting the ceiling frescoes.


21 Responses to “Martin Bashir Joins NBC News/MSNBC…”

  1. msnbcfan123 Says:

    Interesting move… Pair him up with a female dayside anchor…

    10am – Thomas Roberts and Chris Jansing
    12pm – Contessa Brewer and Richard Liu
    2pm – Tamron Hall and Martin Bashir

    or swap Jansing and Hall

  2. joeremi Says:

    Wow. Nightline is a pretty good gig; I’m surprised he considers this an upward move.

  3. I’m sure he got a considerable increase in pay. If he gets an hour on MSNBC, that will be a lot more on-air time with greater editorial control.

  4. You have to wonder if someone is going to be losing an hour. I keep looking Andrea Mitchell’s direction…

  5. joeremi Says:

    I hope you’re wrong, Spud. Andrea is an excellent journalist. Although her ability to spit out a sentence has its weaknesses, she’s a calming, serious antidote to Crazy-Eyed Screaming Blonde on FNC. Bashir is irritating.

  6. MSNBC seems to be stockpiling Dayside hosts much faster than they can provide airtime for them. I wonder if another schedule Dayside shakeup is not on the way.

  7. seboise Says:

    You have to think he’ll lead into Rattigan, right?
    1pm – Andrea Mitchell
    2pm – Bashir
    3pm – Rattigan
    4pm – Shultz
    etc. etc. etc…

  8. You’ve got some gaps there, Seboise. Ratigan is on at 4, Schultz at 6. But yes, I could see Bashir at 3 as a lead-in to Ratigan. Just not on my TV/XM Radio. I’ll stick with Studio B.

    PS. This Eastern Time stuff is maddening for me here on the West Coast. I’m constantly doing math!

  9. Tamron Hall won’t be losing an hour. Not after the recent addition to the msnbc tv page. And contessa only has one hour, so Andrea Mitchell may be out. Unless a complete reworking is planned.

  10. elcarbonite Says:

    I hope this means Andrea Mitchell Reports is cancelled – that show probably has the lowest ratings of the bunch but is sticking around because she works for the mothership. Stick her on TDR for all I care. I hope it also means that Chris Jansing isn’t leaving us again. She’s a great anchor.

  11. Yeah, unless MSNBC does something radical like eliminates Matthews 5pm ET show and puts him live at 7pm and slots Ratigan in at 5 and Bahsir at 4, which I consider extremely remote, Bashir will slot in at 3pm.

    Also worth noting is O’Donnell starts around that time as well so things are shaping up for some changes after the Labor Day break.

  12. tooncigars Says:

    yeah, i hope Andrea is gone too– talk about an Obama left-wing hack– i thought by now she’d be either working for the White House or back to giving Al his morning bath at home–

  13. Msnbc should do this
    10amet Chris Jansing
    11amet Tamron Hall
    12pmet Contessa Brewer
    1pmet Martian Bashir
    2pmet Thomas Robers
    3pmet Andrea Mitchell Reports
    4pmet Dylan Ratagin

  14. I think ABC News has been cutting back on its talent and support staff of late, and it doesn’t have a cable news presence. Perhaps Mr. Bashir simply wanted to work where he could try for a bigger splash in a larger pond. He already proved himself on Nightline and the next step “up” on ABC seems to be going to those who are getting out of bed about the time his head hits the pillow.

  15. joeremi Says:

    ^I wonder if there was some kind of “writing on the wall” at Nightline. The show has been gaining traction against Leno and Letterman (me included). That’s a pretty high-profile spot to vacate for a newsmagazine that nobody knows when it’s on, on the 4th-place network; and a low-rated cable channel.

  16. I love when they get new hires like this… now there is a chance that they will get rid of their crappy daytime hosts (i.e. Mitchell) and put in someone who can really take control as a host and get people to tune in.

    I agree with Spud who suggests putting Bashir at DR’s spot, moving DR to CM’s live show spot, and making CM’s repeat his live show. It’s highly unlikely, though. They really want to cater to CM so they don’t lose him somehow. Maybe they think he’ll bolt the network if he’s forced to make a move he doesn’t like. It’s not even that big of a deal… only 2 hour difference.

    I don’t know why they can’t just take a risk and make that move already… it needs to happen if MSNBC has any chance of competing in the afternoon ratings, which needs to improve big time. Two hours of Matthews in 3 hours is really irritating. God love him, but not THAT much.

  17. I don’t know who put this in, but Wikipedia currently has this up:

    In July 2010 Bashir left ABC for NBC and MSNBC where he will serve as a contributor for Dateline and an afternoon anchor for MSNBC.

    To me, that’s a sign that he’s either getting Brewer’s spot at 12pm, Mitchell’s at 1pm, Hall’s at 2pm, or Jansing’s at 3pm.

    I can’t see Jansing going anywhere with the great job she’s doing anchoring, so she’s good. Same with Hall, especially now that she’s getting all this big promotion by the network, so she’s also safe.

    It’s tough to decide who to get rid of between Brewer and Mitchell, but for the most part I can’t stand Mitchell as an anchor (great journalist, though), and Brewer is attractive and tolerable as an anchor, so they should can Mitchell’s show and simply keep her as the Foreign Affairs correspondent for NBC News, as she has always been, and put Bashir at 1pm.

  18. cristanti Says:

    he fits right in at msnbc? is that suppose to be a compliment?? If I were him I would be insulted, the worse ratings in cable news, and as far as mitchell, great journalist? I guess if you are on the left you’d love her, she pants over obama, as bad as matthews, bottom line this guy is not going to help msnbc, people at least the majority of people hate msnbc, they know it is all pro obama and will not get the whole truth, if you work for them you have to love obama and dare anyone to tell the truth of what this president is doing to this country, ruining it. and his poll numbers tells it all, we all have buyers remorse.

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  21. […] its air. And I wager he’s been an embarrassment to NBC News too. Whatever happened to those planned Dateline contributions […]

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