David Asman Profile…

Wall St. Cheat Sheet’s Damien Hoffman has a pretty good profile of FBN’s David Asman…

Damien: What has been the biggest development since you joined Fox in ’97?

David: The major shift here from ‘97 until now was the emergence of Fox Business in 2007.

Damien: Right before the crash.

David: Talk about baptism by a fire. It was terrible from a business standpoint but wonderful from the journalistic standpoint because there was so much to talk about.

I love the amount of input everyone has here. It’s like the beginning of Microsoft or Apple — very entrepreneurial. Roger is involved. Rupert is involved. They think so far out of the box that they very often keep their competition guessing.

Everybody knows Roger is a genius when it comes to programming. So, people look very closely at what we’re doing — not necessarily because they think tomorrow we’re going to overtake them in the numbers, but because they know eventually we could …

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