What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/01/10

What’s Hot:

July Numbers – The July numbers came out and it was bad news for CNN, bad news for CNBC, good news for Robin Meade who continued her 15 month domination of Morning Joe in the Demo, good or bad news for MSNBC depending on what part of the day you examined; mornings which saw Morning Joe win over American Morning in Total Viewers but lose to Meade in the Demo, dayside which continues to struggle in 4th place, early evenings and primtime where MSNBC made its strongest appearance over CNN, and good and bad news for FNC which continues to ride high above everyone else albeit not as high as it used to.

Liz MacDonald vs. Adam Shaprio – Reminded me a bit of Steve Liesman butting heads with Rick Santelli.

Liza McGuirk – McGuirk was tapped to helm CNN’s Spitzer/Parker show…

Chuck Roberts Departs HLN – Another solid anchor bites the dust…

FNC Moves Up – To the front row at the White House briefing room…

What’s Not:

Cut! Do it Again! – Hardball re-shot a segment for 8pm because Chris Matthews repeatedly had his facts wrong during the 5pm live broadcast.

Brrrrrr! – My first Monterey cold water dive in 16 months was something of a Charlie Foxtrot. Sea sickness, aborted the 2nd dive, too many people in the zodiac…makes me yearn for tropical diving again…

6 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/01/10”

  1. I’m a little surprised NPR didn’t get the front row. Sounds as though the WHCA deliberated long and hard over all of the assignments, and did the best they could.

    FNC deserves to ride above everyone else, but I think it’s a good thing overall if they get knocked down from such a high perch.

  2. FNC deserves to ride above everyone else…


  3. I still disagree on the Hardball segment. Matthews had it right the first time. I saw it live. He handed them their hats. It was reshot so his liberal guests didn’t have to be embarrassed. Too late. I saw it.

  4. Erljr, he said it was unedited. That’s not true. The entire tape was not available on Breitbart’s site. But CM’s description of the contents that were there was accurate.

  5. Spud: I commented on this on an earlier post but I’ll restate it as you seem to feel; incorrectly in my opinion; CM was totally wrong in the 5PM live broadcast.
    The originally released Breitbart video (length 2:36) contained a statement about how Sherrod had sent the farmer to a white lawyer of “his own kind” and how she came to understand it wasn’t about being black or white; it was about being poor. This was the video that Matthews was referring to in the 5PM show. That 2:36 video was shortened on FOX broadcasts like Hannity to about 1:25 and the reference to it being poor removed. This was what Dean & Walsh were referring to. They assumed; wrongly; that Matthews was claiming that Breitbart had released the full 43 minute video and tried to correct his mistake.
    In the 7PM repeat of the show I assume they just decided to redo the segment as it would be to difficult to explain the mix-up to the Hardball audience and just doing it over with CM dropping the reference to the original tape would be better.
    Of course that doesn’t work in the cable news world of today where every phase is analyzed for bias; either right or left.

  6. Fox news got the front row, though not the Helen Thomas seat, because of their commitment to the White House pool and expenses.

    “When CNN bid for the front row in 2007, Fox News could have challenged it and had a knock-down, drag-out fight,” CNN’s Ed Henry told the Wall Street Journal. “But they did the gentlemanly thing and said CNN had more seniority.”

    Also, per Bill Sammon of Fox News, Fox was promised a front row seat when the briefing room under went renovations but when CNN bid for the seat Fox backed off.

    So, it seems to me perfectly reasonable that Fox got a front row seat, but we know it was a bit of a slap that they did not get Helen’s seat but the one next to NBC.

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