Internet Suckage…

Mediaweek’s Mike Shields writes about beating the pants off This is one of those pieces on FNC that…shocker…doesn’t have anyone from FNC co-operating with it.

There are numerous theories as to why Fox lags so far behind online (executives declined to comment for this story). Longtime producer Mitch Gelman, now vp of quality for, contends that it’s a simple question of quality. “CNN’s online service has been and continues to be better than Fox’s,” he said.

Fox was also late to a medium where habits are hard to break. “Six or seven years ago, Fox News was not as focused on the Web,” said Amy Mitchell, deputy director, Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. In the early 2000s, said Mitchell, was about promoting the net’s hosts. “That has changed.”

The other often floated theory/stereotype is that Fox News viewers are geezers who barely use dialup. But according to Nielsen, the median age for CNN this year is 63 vs. 64 for Fox News. However, Fox News’ audience is composed of significantly higher percentages of the 45+ and 65+ demos.

But many believe age doesn’t explain the Web audience gap, since draws many millions of news users that never watch the TV network. “You can’t get 30 million or 40 million unique users by speaking to one particular political ideology,” said svp/gm KC Estenson. “When people want to know what is going on in the world, they come to us.”

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  1. Until the latest reboot, was pathetic. Also, the site was more tabloidy than Now the site is getting better.

    I recall reading somewhere that beats in average time on the site per visitor.

  2. Your right Josh the latest boot of FNC looks very much like CNN and they are trying to keep it less opinion more news. Fox Nation is where you go for your right-wing view of events.
    The reason CNN stays on top is probably a mix of all those stated in the article but a lot of it may just be habit. I check CNN more than MSNBC and much more than FOX because I know the site and how to get around on it.
    Another reason is that FOX supporters may find Fox is not biased enough for them and be getting there news from more right-wing sources like Daily Caller. I know I get a lot of my news coverage from Huff Post not because I like it’s layout & POV better.

  3. Are these ratings based on “US editions”? I would think CNN has a much wider international audience than Fox.

  4. Outsider Says:

    No surprise that beats Look at their websites (I’m not comparing with CNN’s international edition). Even with the reboot, Fox still looks ridiculously tabloidy, better design but content-wise, tilts tabloid. They can keep their conservative bias if they want but seriously, loose the tabloid junk.

  5. Outsider, you’re right about the Foxnews site. I only looked at it for the first time a few weeks ago, and was surprised how cheesy it is. I expected a regular newspage like CNN and MSNBC, but it has the same “small government good, Obama bad” tilt that plagues much of FNC Dayside.

  6. Outsider Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Fox News’ bias (I actually like some of their programming) but it’s all the celebrity crap and weird news that dominates the headlines on FNC’s website. Not a big fan of those stories.

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  8. tooncigars Says:

    me too Outman– since i’m a fairly staunch conservative, i don’t have the same problem that all the left wingers have– i like the six o’clock news hour but don’t like the host and i miss Britt– i don’t watch Fox much during the day as i’m busy but it do watch “Morning Joe” most every day, not that anyone around here would notice– it’s the ONLY decent show on MSNBC because it’s frakkin’ entertaining– the rest of the stuff on that channel is “holier than thou crap”– maybe we should all buy a Volt to save the world-

  9. I like plenty of FNC’s programming. Watching only things you agree with – something a vast majority of dittoheads on both sides do – is stupid and boring.

  10. but it do watch “Morning Joe” most every day, not that anyone around here would notice– it’s the ONLY decent show on MSNBC because it’s frakkin’ entertaining

    Wow… I actually agree with you. And, I don’t mind their criticism of Obama or the Democrats because it’s not from Fox News, which manufacturers it’s criticism from right-wing radio.

  11. durham3252 Says:

    Quite simply the news coverage at CNN is far superior to that provided by The content is in depth, from their own reporters or direct from their associate stations. is pretty much generic reporting from Associated Press – the exact word for word story can be read at many other news sites.

  12. tooncigars Says:

    quite simply, i don’t care about tv news coverage– i get my hard news from the Internet well before the evening news shows– i try to watch the opinion discussions and i NEVER miss Charles “the Dark Lord” Krauthammer– i’ve been liking Steve Hayes too– i’m glad they’ve eased out Fred Barnes and Mara Liasson and Mort Kondrake– those stiffs needed to go– but Lord Charles cuts through liberals arguements like a hot knife through cold butter– he’s a thing of beauty to watch–

  13. I have to agree about The Kraut. He has a barely-repressed disdain that works pretty well, too.

  14. He has a barely-repressed disdain that works pretty well, too.

    Uh huh.

  15. tooncigars Says:

    ^he’s like a poor man’s William Buckley only not so “lizardly”– he should be head of the State Dept. or at the very least our UN ambassador–

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