HLN Dayside Changes…

TVNewser’s Kevin Allocca writes about changes to HLN’s dayside lineup and anchor rotation. If you can make sense of this, please tell me what it is because reading this paragraph makes it seem like the anchors will be one big jumble with Mike Galanos holding court. And here I thought it was MSNBC that had the exclusive on bizarro world anchor rotations. Not anymore.

Mike Galanos, who had been anchoring “Prime News,” will now anchor five four hours of HLN’s afternoon news programing (12-4pmET) with Richelle Carey, Susan Hendricks, and Christi Paul, among others, forming a Mon-Fri supporting ensemble. (Carey will continue anchoring 4-5pmET.)

Someone at HLN is really enamored obsessed captivated with Galanos. There was a time when Christi Paul was the hot ticket on HLN dayside but with this move Galanos becomes the “it” anchor. It also suggests HLN is going to pivot even further away from news and more toward opinion because that’s what Galanos has been doing the past couple of years. No wonder Chuck Roberts left. Probably didn’t want to be a part of it…

In any case, this move has “train wreck” written all over it. MSNBC, more than any other network, has dabbled on and off with multiple anchor (more than 2) formats. Each time it failed. Now HLN is rolling the dice that it can make it work. I’ll bet the farm it won’t.


4 Responses to “HLN Dayside Changes…”

  1. HLN is doing down hill more they have been going downhill since Headline Prime was lauched in 2005. They have lost the news Style. HLN should just call their slogan just the views.

  2. Why do they air that crap Showbiz Tonight show at 5 pm now? They should cancel that show altogether since they already have JVN, Nancy Grace, and Joy Behar. Christi Paul and Richelle Carey should be the two main anchors. Galanos doesn’t belong on dayside anymore.

  3. victoriaknowsbest Says:

    Well, I really enjoyed Galanos, his delivery was always spot-on. I’m also a big fan of Vinnie, love him on TRU TV, maybe it’s because I’m of the same mind-set of both of these guys, and, yes, the Show Biz Tonight is a cheap and overly dramatic show, ease up on the verbage…it’s not important, no one cares except some lonely losers with no lives..get it off the air, it cheapens the entire network,embarrassing…

  4. Mike Galanos is the best anchor on tv period!!!!!!!! BRING HIM ON!!!PLEASANT AND IN THEM KNOW!! SO WHERE IS HE NOW????????

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