Fareed Zakaria: Newsweek’s Loss is CNN’s Gain?

Business Insider’s Joe Pompeo scoops that Fareed Zakaria is leaving Newsweek and CNN has big plans for him…

We hear that Fareed Zakaria, arguably the biggest name on Newsweek’s masthead, has decided to leave the magazine at the end of September. The news was announced to the magazine’s sales team yesterday, a source told us.

Newsweek did not immediately return calls and emails for comment.

We hear that CNN plans to build a bigger franchise around Zakaria, who hosts the hour-long foreign affairs program “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” CNN also did not immediately return a call and email for comment.

Update: The New York Times’ David Carr adds that Zakaria is going to Time Magazine…

The move consolidates Mr. Zakaria’s television and magazine pursuits under Time Warner, which owns Time magazine and CNN, where Mr. Zakaria has been host for the last two years of “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” a foreign affairs program shown on Sundays.

Mr. Zakaria said that the decision to switch weeklies made sense.

“All of my work will now appear at one company, and instead of a kind of awkwardness, there is a very real synergy,” he said over a quick lunch at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan. “There is a level of sophistication in this building about content — about the ways to promote it — that’s exciting.”

10 Responses to “Fareed Zakaria: Newsweek’s Loss is CNN’s Gain?”

  1. I never watch Zakaria’s show, and I’ve never cared for his Newsweek columns.

    He’s a name without a pedigree.

  2. NY Times says he’s going to Time, so Time Warner seems to own him now.

  3. He’s a name without a pedigree.

    Because you don’t like him. Uh huh.

  4. Joe, if you know what the basis is for his expertise, please let me know. I can respect people who cut their teeth with real-world experience (Bill Kristol, Lawrence O’Donnell, etc.)

    Zakaria appears to have been born and bred in a thinktank.

  5. He’s thoughtful and intelligent. I don’t need much more than that from a cable news host, and it’s quite a bit more than I get from many of them.

  6. Joe, if you were programming CNN, would you dump an hour of Situation Room, or even cancel John King, to give Zakaria more of a showcase. I can’t see him helping ratings a lot, but maybe CNN would roll the dice and just make a change for the sake of making a change.

  7. I don’t think 5 days a week of Zakaria for an hour is a good thing. I think his Sunday show is the best Sunday show on TV; broadcast or cable. But one of the reasons it’s that good is because it has a week’s worth of news to sift from. A daily grind will risk lowering the quality threshold and cause Zakaria to enter subject areas he normally would avoid.

  8. Spud’s probably right, but I’d take it over the unwatchable Situation Room..which I think is a show about Italians on MTV..

  9. ^ I agree Spud but you could expand it to two hours; maybe take over the Amanpour hour. That would allow for more detailed discussions and still keep up the shows quality.
    “I can respect people who cut their teeth with real-world experience (Bill Kristol, Lawrence O’Donnell, etc.)
    Zakaria appears to have been born and bred in a think-tank.”

    I understand your reference to Lawrence O’Donnell but Bill Kristol has founded or led at least six think tanks; Zakaria -none.
    I will never understand the rights negative preoccupation with a persons intelligence. Everyone has ‘real world experience’; it’s just that I prefer our leaders to also be intelligent and have the best education possible..

  10. missy5537 Says:

    I’ve never seen this guy, and note that his program never even appears in contention on the Sunday news program ratings. So with an apparently “niche” audience, why would CNN give him an even bigger presence? The network already has tons of boring programming as it is.

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