Joe Scarborough Profile…

Vanity Fair’s Lisa Depaulo profiles MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. It’s an interesting read but my favorite part doesn’t even concern Scarborough. It’s this…

Back in the control room, Licht is doing his thing, ranting in their ears. “Fuck, Mika, fuck.” He wants to know what her problem is this morning. “Are you mad at the news or someone in here?” asks Licht.

“I’m mad at the news.”

At one point, he tells her to “watch your body language” when she has her hands folded across her chest. Then CNN is slow to release Hillary, who is supposed to be live on Morning Joe—like, now. “I’m gonna fucking punch John Roberts myself,” says Licht. “Fuck, they’re giving it to us a minute and a half late. Fucking assholes.” He instructs another producer to tell Fox News, where Hillary is going next, that she may be a bit late, “because unlike CNN, I’m not a douchebag!” Then he starts flipping out because there’s only one feed from Haiti and it’s going to the freaking Today show.

If you see Joe suppressing laughter on-air now and then, this is what he’s hearing in his earpiece.

16 Responses to “Joe Scarborough Profile…”

  1. “I’m gonna f**king punch John Roberts myself,” says Licht. “F**k, they’re giving it to us a minute and a half late. F**king a**holes.” He instructs another producer to tell Fox News, where Hillary is going next, that she may be a bit late, “because unlike CNN, I’m not a douchebag!”
    This from a producer that allows his show to run over time every second day. Give me a break.

  2. tooncigars Says:

    don’t forget that Licht had some kind of stroke or something a while back– i thought it was Joe that gave it to him– now it looks like he gave it to himself with the stress– i’ve emailed them on the show while it was live many times and i’ve actually had them address my mails on the air– Chris seems to take delight in giving Joe some of the more controversial emails i’ve sent– Chris seems like a nice guy whenever they switch to him but maybe he’s got some problems–

  3. Why is Joe such a media darling? His show is the lowest-rated and even gets beaten by HLN’s morning show. He must have a great publicist.

  4. Why is Joe such a media darling?

    He’s interesting. He says things that bewilder people who think he’s on their side, and the ones that don’t. Robin Meade may get better ratings, but it’s for the same reason basement dwellers on laptops click on Maxim pics. Not much to write about..

  5. tooncigars Says:

    he’s also the ONLY “conservative” they have on MSNBC now that Tucker is gone– plus he’s entertaining while paired with Mika– Willie is fun and Barnicle is a crusty old Red Sux fan and is fun too– the guests are a collection of goof-ball media wannabes like Andrew Ross Sorkin (who looks like he’s 12 yrs. old) or the gossip hound Tina Brown and a line-up of whoever NBC is trying to promote for it’s shows that week– plus Joe has a HUGE ego and is known for flying off the handle– he’s a morning Mathews or Olbergruppenfuerer!

  6. Olbergruppenfuerer!

    Don’t tell anybody, but I like that one. Shh..

  7. tooncigars Says:

    Jawhol mein herr!

  8. If Joe is so interesting, why don’t more people watch him?

  9. tooncigars, I agree about Joe’s ego. Whenever I watch, a couple of times a week, he never fails to mention his time in Congress. He will always try to start a sentence with, “Well, when I was elected to Congress, blah, blah, blah…” He seems to think the only decent Republicans were the ones who served with him in the 90s. Never before and never again will there be such a fine group of Republicans.

  10. tooncigars Says:

    carol– i know, i know… i started an office pool at my old job about what time in the first 2 hours of the show that joe would mention that he was in Congress each day– i emailed it to chris licht their producer and he told joe on air and u could see joe go all red– now joe claims that college kids have a drinking game over when he’ll mention it– heh,heh– joe is only interesting because NO ONE else on MSNBC is even vaguely interesting and he’s the ONLY semi-conservative on the station– at least he sometimes has a brain unlike folks like chuck todd, mika brez or jon mecham–

  11. tooncigars, I basically agree with what you said (and I love the story about your office pool). But lately I find him more irritating than interesting. Anyone who disagrees with him, especially if he/she is a Republican, is either crazy or stupid. “What is happening to my Republican party??!!” he asks to no one in particular. You should start an office pool about what time in the first two hours he will ask that question. He has become way more liberal since he started “Morning Joe.” Compare him to the way he was when he hosted “Scarborough Country.” He HAS to be more liberal now or he wouldn’t get all the Democrats and liberals that make up most of his guest list.

  12. He has become way more liberal…

    I disagree. He wasn’t a borderline libertarian on Scarborough Country, but the borderline libertarian Tea Party that has usurped the GOP wasn’t around then. He didn’t get more liberal, his party moved further right in the run-up to the presidential election.

  13. tooncigars Says:

    ^agreed carol– he was much, much more conservative on his last show and was really more conservative a couple years ago on Morning Joe– phil griffin must have told him to tone it down a bit– the libs like nothing better than seeing what they think is a Republican storm-trooper agreeing with many of their Democrat policies– it gives them hope when they have none for the November 2nd election– that and the fact that the show is also one long advertisement for NBC and MSNBC’s tv line-ups with their guests–

  14. joeremi, Joe S. became more liberal a long time before there were any tea parties. Compare “Scarborough Country” to “Morning Joe.” Like tooncigars said, MJ has become one long advertisement for both NBC and MSNBC. They rarely have conservatives and/or Republicans on MJ, except for Mark McKinnon who doesn’t seem to like Republicans much. And, tooncigars, here’s another office pool you can try: How many times a week will Joe call Erin Burnett an “international superstar.” Nah, on second thought, he calls her that every day. Lord, she’s an airhead.

  15. tooncigars Says:

    ^i hear that carol– he used to pick on Savanah Guthrie when she was a regular on his show– from what i hear, he has a lot of borderline complaints with NBC’s human resources against him, but that could be rumor– i wouldn’t be suprised though if it were true–

  16. Carol, I did compare the two shows. I simply disagree. Joe never struck me as uber-right-wing. He’s more of a moderate Mark McKinnon-type, another Republican I admire for showing a little independence in the face of your party being over-run by crazy people.

    Another difference between SC and MJ is the amount of time he has to talk. SC was 40% tabloid Hollywood crap, which didn’t leave much time for any nuanced political discourse. I think some of what you see of his POV on MJ is just him having more time to express it.

    complaints with NBC’s human resources

    Joe isn’t even awake ’til he gets one of those..

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