What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/22/10

What’s Hot:

O’Reilly Gets Caught up in Questionable Investment Pitch – Monday news broke that O’Reilly was featured in a Q&A that was part of a larger pitch for an investment scheme. It turns out, that O’Reilly had no idea his interview would be used to push this investment plan, if you believe what FNC is saying. The video disappeared from NewsMax’s website by the end of Tuesday.

NBC/MSNBC bring back the “Bloom Mobile” to cover combat troops withdrawal from Iraq – It wasn’t the last of the last of the combat troops to withdraw from Iraq. And it belied the fact that there will still be tens of thousands of troops left in Iraq for at least a year. But the live video of Richard Engel crossing over into Iraq with the US troop convoy that NBC showed first on Nightly News and later throughout the evening on MSNBC caused quite a commotion and left the competition scrambling, particularly on cable. MSNBC put its primetime stars front and center forf several hours to run the story into the ground. In the end it didn’t do much for the network’s ratings as they barely moved off their usual levels during the early hours of the coverage.

Fareed Zakaria – Zakaria leaves Newsweek for Time and the possibility of an expanded role at CNN.

Piers Morgan – In the latest development for the story that’s a shoe in for “Most dragged out cable news story arc in 2010”, The New York Post reported that Morgan is having visa issues and CNN asked King if he’d hang around until the end of the year. The Wrap poured cold water all over The Post’s story however.

What’s Not:

News Corp’s 1 million donation to the RGA – Yes it was a large donation. But aside from that too many people tried to make too much of this donation, especially where FNC is concerned.

HLN dayside changes – If you’re a fan of Mike Galanos, you’ll love the new HLN dayside. If you’re not and you prefer Christi Paul, you’ll may be looking for a new channel to watch…


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