David Shuster Sighting…

FishbowlDC’s Betsy Rothstein writes about David Shuster showing up at the offices of Politico!

Spotted in the Politico newsroom RIGHT NOW talking to Executive Editor Jim VandeHei and COO Kim Kingsley is: David Shuster. Shuster is allegedly on temporary leave from MSNBC.

8 Responses to “David Shuster Sighting…”

  1. I heard ABC wants him to replace Christiane Amanpour.

  2. Nice…

  3. When he walked in, everybody yelled “Nooo WAYYY!”

  4. Josh Kaib Says:

    Maybe Politico needs another player for their softball team?

  5. tooncigars Says:

    ^i heard the deal was that they’d hire him but only if he could bring his own hairdresser and Joe Scarbourough along with him

  6. What the hell is this guy doing? He just randomly appears all over the place, then goes to hide out. I don’t know why he’s at Politico, though. That’s way too random.

  7. David Shuster is Homeless Cable News Guy. They trip over him in the doorway.

  8. And they laugh at his hair. Sad.

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