What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/29/10

What’s Hot:

Matthews vs. Lazio – Chris Matthews went after Rick Lazio big time over Lazio’s campaign ad regarding the NYC “mosque”…

Major Garrett to depart FNC – This was a shock move nobody saw coming…

Joe Scarbrough vs. MSNBC Primetime? – Scarborough said this week that me made the “mistake” of tuning into MSNBC’s primetime and his head nearly blew off. That statement was vague enough to make people wonder if Scarborough was taking another shot at Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow. I think he was referring to the demagoguery that was going on with the NYC “mosque” on Hardball.

CNN conflates Palin with Beck, spells Palin’s name wrong, think’s she was a Presidential candidate – I never know when I post a Hazard of Live TV whether it will go viral or not nor just how viral it will get. This one has definitely gone viral on the red blogs as the hits just keep on rolling in…

What’s Not:

Ed Schultz – Schultz’s meltdown inside 30 Rock was reported this week by Page Six. ICN found corroborating video of Joe Scarborough mocking Schultz’s rant…

Keith Olbermann – Olbermann tried to non-deny deny the Page Six Schultz story on Twitter. I guess he didn’t see the video first…

Kilmeade vs. Scarborough – Brian Kilmeade ridicules Joe Scarborough on the radio and then has the gall to say he’s not going to call him out. Come again?

46 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/29/10”

  1. missy5537 Says:

    NOT HOT: Spud asking us what’s “hot” and “not hot”, and basically ignoring our opinions!

    Virtually all of the 54 (as of now) comments, below, spoke of the Beck rally. Yet the only mention of it you’ve made here was that CNN screwed up the graphics when describing it!

    Whatever your politics, the fact that a cable news host garned 100,000 – 500,000 people on the National Mall IS a big deal! And it is hot!

    (No offense intended Spud. We still love ya!)

  2. His list is usually better than ours. Usually.

  3. There was a rally somewhere?

  4. Yeah. At the mall. I guess there were a lot of shoppers.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    “Not” should have included the egg on the faces of the MSM for their complete mis-characterization of what the Beck rally was going to be. They should be embarrassed and shamed but somehow I don’t think any of them will have any trouble sleeping tonight…so long as they check in their closets & under their beds for that evil Beck boogeyman.

  6. tooncigars Says:

    ^yeah, i heard they held s Service Employees International Union rally across town, sponsored by Al Sharpton, but it was sparsely attended– those union guys must have had the day off (as usual) and nobody was paying them to go so…

  7. tooncigars Says:

    here’s what mixing religion and politics will get u– i’m sure this is a spin-off of the frenzy about Beck’s religion– stupid, stupid crap– http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=7636945

  8. ..i’m sure this is a spin-off of the frenzy about Beck’s religion

    This article has nothing to do with politics, and I am unaware of any “frenzy” around his religion.

  9. tooncigars Says:

    that’s right… i forgot… u just found out he was a Mormon– i’ll bet the guy that shot that Bishop just found out as well– just seems strange that the day after Beck has his rally, a Mormon bishop is shot and killed– religion and the hatred that it sometimes engenders can make crazy people do crazy things– stupid superstitions that many just won’t get quit of–

  10. Or maybe it’s not at all related.

  11. tooncigars Says:

    could be– and probably isn’t now that i think about it– just seems strange–

    hey… take an ambien or something will u?– u’r starting to make me think it’s true what i said months ago about u: “joe r. doesn’t sleep… he waits”–

  12. “NOT HOT: Spud asking us what’s “hot” and “not hot”, and basically ignoring our opinions!”
    I have mixed feelings about Spud’s decision not to use the ‘Beck rally’.
    Missy is right that it was a big event promoted & MC’ed by a cable news host.
    Other than this it has no direct connection to cable news.
    The thing that made it HOT/NOT for me was the lack of coverage by FNC. Why they low-balled the coverage; after wall to wall coverage and actually helping to produce earlier tea party rallies; was odd and worthy of discussion.
    After the comments by Billo & Greta earlier this week I wonder if Beck’s rise in profile has bruised other FNC primetime hosts egos a bit and maybe Roger alies was sending a message.
    It will be interesting to see how rally coverage plays out this week in the primetime shows and even dayside. Considering the size of the rally it should be the top story over there for the next few days but we’ll see in what happens.
    One other reason the rally may have no lasting news coverage is for the very reason that it was peaceful.
    Aside from the size debate their was no newsworthy stories (conflicts, outrageous, speaker comments, historical memorable speeches etc.) for cable news to sink its teeth into.
    No if it bleeds it leads.
    My guess it will fade into history pretty quickly.

  13. tooncigars Says:

    did anyone see Morning Joe this morning?– it took them 12 minutes into the show to even mention the rally and then they had Sharpton on who played his usual games semantical games with whitey– Sharpton wouldn’t even give an inch to the Beck people, not. one. inch.– he was sooo ticked off that “those people” were co-opting what he felt was “our” precious day that he couldn’t even be persuaded to call the rally anything but political, which it was but so was his–

  14. missy5537 Says:

    fritz, we agree! I, too, can’t believe the lack of coverage on FNC! I know they were trying to be PC and not seem to “sponsor” the rally by televising it, but the fact is their viewers LOVE Glenn Beck, and this audience was ill-served by FNC’s sparse coverge of the event.

    Further, they actually aired crime documentaries in the early morning hours of Sunday! Who the hell cares – do they think they are MSNBC? And they also went out of their way innundating us with Katrina “anniversary” stuff. I HATE Katrina stuff, because the media only covered New Orleans, and left out all of the other regions that were devastated. Not to mention the media’s ignoring the floods in Nashville this past spring.

    And “toon”, I turned in to MJ at about 6:30, when the crew were gleefully discussing Mike Allen’s reading of letters from mainstream Republicans, who, of course, trashed the Beck rally. OF COURSE they did – that is Beck’s whole point – that mainstream “Republicanism” isn’t working, and that we have to turn to God for help. But mainstream GOP, Politico, MJ and everyone else just doesn’t get it!

  15. ^ Morning Joe covered the rally much as you would expect. I have no problem with that as it’s on MSNBC. If it had been a KO rally FNC would have given it the same treatment. That’s the nature of cable news today.
    I checked in a number (6-8) times with F&F and never heard it mentioned once; even in passing. I assume they must have talked about it at some point; but for an big event, put on by a FNC star host, the coverage seemed slim to non-existent.
    There’s something going on here and I would love to know what it is.
    On blogs like this one and shows like Reliable Sources the lack of FNC coverage will soon become the story if it doesn’t change.
    I wonder how Billo will deal with the rally as he said Beck should get his time slot if he had 100,000 people. I’ll bet that line doesn’t get mentioned.

  16. Missy, you don’t agree with Fritz as much as you think. As far as the Beck event is concerned, he twice characterized it as a ‘hate-fest’ last week–before it even happened. Once it’s over, he decides that the LACK of outrageous comments or conflicts means that it will ‘fade into history quickly’. In case that sounds to you like a ‘heads-I-win tails-you-lose’ proposition, well you make the call.

    Your comment about FNC’s Katrina coverage is another area of disagreement with Fritz. You and I saw all the live reports from Arthel Neville, Jonathan Hunt, and others, and Trace Gallagher co-anchoring from New Orleans. Fritz said yesterday that on Katrina coverage FNC had done ‘almost none’. Most curious.

    But you learn something new every day. Today I learned from this thread that Fox News actually produced tea party rallies!

  17. missy5537 Says:

    J$, I know fritz and I rarely agree, and I think we did just in this very specific circumstance (FNC’s lack of coverage).

  18. tooncigars Says:

    ^^libs see what they wanna see– “hope and change” johnny, “hope and change”– and missy if u’ll notice, Politico only mentioned ONE republican letter and it was a goofy evangelical thing and it implied anti-mormonism that certainly wasn’t mainstream republicanism (at least not my kind)–

  19. -Ambien-

    I didn’t bust your chops, so stfu.

  20. tooncigars Says:

    ^i compare u to the “great” Chuck Norris and u tell me to “stfu”?– typical ungrateful libertard– it’s nice to see u’r feeling better and that u are ur old cranky pants self–

  21. Johnny,Johnny,Johnny.
    If you check back to my Aug.26; 4:53 comment you will see that I agreed with you that I shouldn’t call the event a ‘hatefest’ before it even happened. I believe the quote was”when your right your right.” I also said I would refer to it as this generations “Woodstock” as that is how Beck referred to the upcoming rally at the time.
    I stand by the ‘fade into history comment’ as that appears to be where it is headed.
    As to the Katrina coverage it was limited to a few reports as far I could see which, by the standards of the other cable news nets, is not to much. By FNC standards, of course, the story received as much, if not more, coverage than any story that played badly for GWB deserved.
    And as for the tea party rallies being produced by Fox: I seem to remember some pretty heated discussion here on that subject. If it didn’t appear to happen why discuss or argue about it.
    BTW; Because I missed a lot of F&F this morning how much coverage of the rally was there on air? I didn’t hear it mentioned at all, but as I said I only saw some of the latter portion of the show. Who did they have on to talk about the rally and how many segments did they devote to Becks ‘Woodstock on the Potomac”.

  22. You’re correct, you did sort of take that back about the ‘hate-fest’, so I stand corrected.

    You’re incorrect about the Katrina coverage, where for the last few days just about every hour had one or more stories from LA or MS.

    Tea parties: Well, if you recall heated discussion about it, then it must be true! Which tea party rallies did Fox produce again?

    I saw the beginning of F&F where they discussed the rally and had clips etc. Then I fell back asleep, which shouldn’t have happened because Juliet Huddy was on!

  23. “You’re correct, you did sort of take that back about the ‘hate-fest’, so I stand corrected.”
    ^Thank you, appreciated.
    CNN & MSNBC did a lot of Prime Time special coverage (Cooper & Maddow etc.) that just wasn’t done on FNC. Now I don’t see a ton of FNC so there may have been more than I thought so I’ll just say it wasn’t to the same degree as the other nets. For example CNN & MSNBC announced their special coverage well in advance and FNC didn’t, so finding Katrina coverage was sporadic.
    There were a number of rallies last year (mostly anti health care bill stuff) that were not only heavily promoted by FNC but also had Fox personalities in attendance and in at least one case I remember had a FNC producer egging people on t for the cameras. I’m not interested in rehashing debates from a year ago so lets just say we have a different POV on what produced means.
    I’m sure someone will have seen the Beck coverage on F&F and enlighten us on what was said. It is interesting that they didn’t return to the story of the largest Tea Party rally in history (& one put on by one of their own Prime Time hosts) every hour if not more. Heck, the mosque story is discussed ad-nauseum and theirs nothing really new on that front to talk about.

  24. Not to rehash, but those rallies with Fox hosts had hosts reporting from the scene of the rally. Most of the time before or after, not during, the event itself. The one case where a producer was whipping up the crowd was people standing behind a reporter. A bad move, but that’s a producer producing a liveshot. It wasn’t part of a tea party rally but just a group of people who were attending a rally. As I said, bad move, but it’s not even in the same galaxy as FNC taking part in producing the rally itself.

    You do have a point on the FNC 8/28 coverage, one that Beck himself has addressed. But again, you call it the ‘largest Tea Party rally in history’, and it wasn’t a tea party rally. It was apolitical, a restoring honor rally. You could tell that because it said ‘Restoring Honor’. 😉 Tea party types got involved, but so did other types. Basically it handed over $5.5 million to the Spec Ops Warrior Foundation, and that’s not a bad thing.

  25. ^ As I said we have a different POV on the word produced.
    OK it’s a “Restoring Honor” rally. I didn’t realize you were so sensitive about what is or isn’t a Tea Party rally. It looked like a Tea Party rally to me but if their is a difference I’ll happily concede the point. As to largest I can’t think of any larger Restoring Honor/Tea Party rallies and Michele Bachmann said it was ‘a million people and the MSM better not say otherwise’, so take it up with her.
    “Basically it handed over $5.5 million to the Spec Ops Warrior Foundation, and that’s not a bad thing.”
    I agree totally and hope you and others here will be as generous in spirit when discussing the next KO free health clinic.

  26. Beck’s rally raised $5,000,000 for the orphans of Special Ops. I don’t think anyone, in print or on TV, mentioned that this morning. I watched Morning Joe and I don’t remember that fact being mentioned.

  27. ^The MJ coverage was more about the politics & size of the rally and not particularly positive at that. I wasn’t expecting much more from them or anyone at MSNBC, for that matter, and I suspect neither were you.
    I imagine the coverage on FNC was much more positive and they would have discussed the Special Ops charity at some length.

  28. lonestar77 Says:

    ^^^^That’s because they don’t care about that part of the story.

  29. I hope FNC talks about Beck and honor and God and Special Ops ’til they’re blue in the face if it will keep The Mosque off my TV screen for a few more days.

  30. Spud asking us what’s “hot” and “not hot”, and basically ignoring our opinions!

    Hardly. I put Garrett in there partially because of the nominations.

    Beck is a tricky subject. Is it a news event? Yes. But is it a “hot” news event? That depends largely on your ideological persuasion. I don’t list every event that cable news covers during the week in Hot/Not. Also, Fritz is right…there wasn’t a lot of cable news tie in to the Beck rally.

    But I did think about Beck. And you’re not going to like what I was thinking because I was thinking about putting it under Not Hot for the media playing up this thing to death, similarly to the way the media has played up other overblown D.C. rallies in the past (Million Man March, anyone?)

  31. fritz, I would think raising $5 mil would have deserved at least a mention by Mika or Joe or someone at that table.

  32. Ah yes, the Million Man March. That was a watershed moment that changed history, eh?

  33. tooncigars Says:

    ^it was the beginning of the great “Maxing Out of the Race Card”– the end was the pathetic “counter” rally with that huckster Sharpton across town in D.C.– i predict that phrase will be voted “phrase of the year”–

  34. tooncigars Says:

    ^^carol– that bubble-head Mika probably hadn’t been briefed by their producer about the 5 million or the Spec. Ops part of the rally and i’m sure she was just so giddy knowing that Big Al would be on with that NAACP goofball Best later on– it was nice to see Joe finally show up an hour late to his own show– no wonder that show gets the ratings it does–

  35. tooncigars Says:

    and did anybody hear Mika and Willie talking about Mike Barnicle on MJ?– inside stuff: Mike likes to make appointments all over the place for golf games, ball games, dining etc. and then he doesn’t show up!– i think he’s a manic depressive or maybe it’s just that he hates that his beloved Red Sux are losing so badly–

  36. BTW, what’s with Joe showing up late to his own show? He’s been doing a lot of that lately.

  37. tooncigars Says:

    who knows carol– MSNBC is like watching a bad piece of theater– no one knows their lines and everyone is missing entrances and exits and actors are getting replaced all the time– what i do know is how thin skinned joe is– he was all pis*y this morning when they tried to tease him about being late, but boy does he lay it on about the “vodka and ambien” when mika shows up late!–

  38. “fritz, I would think raising $5 mil would have deserved at least a mention by Mika or Joe or someone at that table.”
    That’s a good point but I can’t find any mention of the Special Ops charity on FNC today either; in fact I can’t find any reference to the rally except for the Chris Wallace interview yesterday and a small bit about the crowd size. J$ says they discussed it this morning on F&F but the segment is not on their web page and they don’t mention it at all so I doubt they discussed the charity either. If they did I’ll stand corrected.
    Even in the Wallace interview, which lasted almost a half hour, there was no mention by Beck of the charity although there was lots of chances to bring it up.
    I don’t think the charity was the top talking point at FNC so I don’t think you can fault MJ for not highlighting it. I’d be happy to be proven wrong if it was discussed on F&F today; but I don’t think that’s the case.

  39. Ed Schultz – Schultz’s meltdown inside 30 Rock was reported this week by Page Six. ICN found corroborating video of Joe Scarborough mocking Schultz’s rant…

    I think Scarborough’s corroboration of Ed’s supposed outburst was reacting to the Page Six story rather than reacting to what Page Six CLAIMS happened. I have trouble believing a single thing that comes from the NYP, let alone their shoddy gossip column. Is there another source?

  40. I think Scarborough’s corroboration of Ed’s supposed outburst was reacting to the Page Six story rather than reacting to what Page Six CLAIMS happened

    But that timeline doesn’t work. Scarborough’s mocking/corroboration took place on his August 12 show, nearly two weeks before the NY Post story ran on August 25.

    I agree though: Page Six has zero crediblity.

  41. Scarborough’s mocking/corroboration took place on his August 12 show

    Correction: His August 13th show.

    In any event, it was well before the NY Post piece.

    Let’s face it, given his behavior on his radio show, this sounds like something Schultz would do.

  42. But that timeline doesn’t work. Scarborough’s mocking/corroboration took place on his August 12 show, nearly two weeks before the NY Post story ran on August 25.

    Oops… never mind, then. I guess I forgot about the relevant time line. I’m still under the impression that he’s in hot water, and I’m hoping he doesn’t get fired.

    I don’t even see why he had a problem with not being on the election coverage. Schultz is not a political analyst or expert… he’s a political opinion commentator.

  43. ^ ProgLib, you opened the floodgates with that one.

  44. fritz, Megyn Kelly had a short segment on Beck’s rally on her show today. I honestly don’t remember if she mentioned the money raised for the children of the Special Ops. I recorded Cavuto but haven’t watched it yet.

  45. “Schultz is not a political analyst or expert… he’s a political opinion commentator.”
    Isn’t everyone? 🙂

  46. I just watched Cavuto, with some fast-forwarding, and there was no mention of Beck or pictures from Saturday’s rally.

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