Branding Run Amok: #1,009

FBN has been regularly covering the hostage crisis at the Discovery Communications headquarters. Um, why? Is Discovery stock in danger of tanking? Y’know, I’d love to give the network the benefit of the doubt but this seems to me like a naked attempt at a ratings grab by broadcasting sensational news that has nothing to do with FBN’s charter, which itself is kind of a pointless exercise since FBN doesn’t release its ratings. The problem is that this is not an isolated incident and FBN is developing the reputation of having a “cover anything if it can get a number” strategy regardless of the propriety of covering it.

Update: Et tu, CNBC? Ok, I’ll grant there is a bit of a business angle if there’s concerns about the CEO, but once it’s established that he’s safe it’s no longer a business story…it reverts to a crime story.

8 Responses to “Branding Run Amok: #1,009”

  1. CNBC is just a desperate for ratings as anybody else. Although it’s odd to run with this story today after a large rally on wall st. to start of September.

  2. Why would you watch this story on FBN when you could get it wall to wall on FNC? I would think counter-programing would be more productive for ratings. As it was those interested in business news probably switched to CNBC. I can’t see that helping them.

  3. Fritz, the standard line is that the business channel will be on in offices, so that’s where the viewer will be. I’m not sure how providing breaking news to a viewer that’s already there helps ratings, but that’s the excuse they use.

  4. starbroker Says:

    LOL Another attack at FBN….to goes WHOOSHE! LOL

    Oops… their CEO was in danger. Who cares! ha ha

  5. LOL. ha ha

  6. I think FBN running with the breaking news story is stupid. A periodic 30 second update might be a good idea, along with, “and you can see more on this breaking story at our sister network, Fox News!”

  7. Hard to imagine how it would ‘boost the ratings’ if three other news nets are covering it. If I’m looking for news, I’m not looking at FBNBC

  8. It might grab the attention of people walking past a tv screen. It attracks eye balls.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s stupid.

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