Shep to Interview Ahmadinejad…

Shepard Smith just announced that he will be interviewing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tomorrow on Studio B and The FOX Report.


8 Responses to “Shep to Interview Ahmadinejad…”

  1. That’s going to be can’t miss TV.

  2. And at the UN about 30 minutes ago, the U.S. delegation walked out after Ahmadinejad alleged that the United States orchestrated the 9/11 attacks at the behest of Israel.

    This guy is just a peach, isn’t he?

    Wonder if Smith will question him on this?

  3. If Ahmadinejad cancels the interview, I will be p!ssed. He better not pull a Christine O’Donnell and seek friendlier media. Is there an Iranian version of Hannity?

  4. Josh ;-).

  5. […] ripping him for what he said. Exit question: Ahmadinejad to be interviewed tomorrow by … Shep Smith? What could go wrong? […]

  6. […] Smith will be interviewing Ahmadinejad tomorrow.  That should be […]

  7. — Iranian Hannity —

    I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.
    I guess ‘Baghdad Bob’ is busy, not to mention…never mind.

  8. […] News Shep Smith snags Iranian wacko president Mamoud Ahmadinejad Friday on Studio B. […]

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