Ahmadinejad cancels on Smith…

Shepard Smith put it out on Facebook this morning that Ahmadinejad canceled his interview…

25 Responses to “Ahmadinejad cancels on Smith…”

  1. I wasn’t holding my breath for this, either, Carol.

  2. I can’t imagine the point of an interview to begin with.
    ”Why are you such a deranged whack-job?”
    ”Would you talk to your own leader like this? Would you be allowed?”
    ”Uh, yes, and he’s not a deranged whack-job (ahem).”
    ”Why do you believe that 9/11 was an inside job?”
    ”I don’t believe it, I just say it to make you crazy. See ‘Holocaust denial’.

  3. Who called it? This really p!sses me off. I was looking forward to the interview. We should totally bomb Iran for this.

  4. It’s too bad but if Ahmadinejad wanted to appear on Fox then Hannity would be better choice from his point of view. Going on with Shep was never a smart play.
    I must say to see Hannity interview him would be excellent viewing although not for the same reason as Shep.

  5. Hannity interviewing Ahmadinejad seems like the product of a sick mind. Like it.
    Would he call him ‘Adolf’ to his face?

  6. Eric Shawn interviewed Ahmadinejad. Interesting… Did he somehow steal the interview from Shep. Or did Mr. Ahmasdfjhsdadas decided to cancel Shep’s interview since he already did one with FNC. I can’t be the only one tired of typing ahmaasdlsda;kfjasd;lf. It’s easier to just pound the keyboard.

  7. Well played, Mahmoud. Well played.

    Ginned up interest by pretending that he was going to be interviewed by the posturing blowhard, which would be a big ratings boost. But in the end, he went with the reputable Eric Shawn, who is no pushover, just has a lower profile.

  8. Shep Smith is a posturing blowhard?

  9. ^ He says that like it’s a bad thing.. 😉

  10. A-jad originally cancelled the interview. Then he came back and said OK I’ll do it, but by then Shep had already taken the day off. So Eric Shawn did the honors, and did as good a job as anyone could considering the subject.

  11. Agreed. Eric Shawn is a top-level pro. Thanks for clarifying the backstory, J$.

  12. Shep isn’t even on Studio B today. Greg Jarrett is subbing. They showed Eric Shawn’s interview with Ahmadinejad. It was very short and Eric asked good questions, but Ahmadinejad said he thought Shawn was being disrespectful to him by asking him about his assertion that the US had a hand in 911. Shawn asked it by saying something like, Why would you say something so insane? Ahmadinejad responded that it wasn’t his opinion that the US was involved; it was a conclusion reached by some investigative body which remained nameless. Ahmadinejad asked Shawn if he would ask such a question in that way to our president or any other leader of a country and Shawn said, Yes, if he said somethiing as crazy as you did.

  13. Shep Smith is a posturing blowhard?

    Carol: so young..so innocent. The BWs haven’t been around much since you’ve been here. They have a “thing” about Shep. It can’t be helped..

  14. They feel about Shep as I do about Megyn Kelly. Rational discussion is useless..

  15. I love when dictators talk about how many ‘votes’ they got. I’m sure the Ayatollahs did well too.

  16. ‘It was very short…’

    It was a short interview, but they didn’t show the whole thing. I linked to a clip that’s longer, and it’s only the 9/11 portion. The uncut version will probably appear online before too long.

  17. By ‘they’ didn’t show the whole thing I meant ‘Studio-B’. The longer clip I linked was from ‘Happening Now’.

  18. I intend to go out of my way to avoid The Madman Interview. Some people don’t deserve the attention.

  19. joeremi, I’m not so young, unfortunately. Maybe I am innocent, though: What’s a BW?

  20. For one thing, a BW is plural. Go figure.

  21. Carol, sorry. I realized after I sent that if you don’t know (B)oogie(W)oogie, you wouldn’t know what “BW” is. “The BWs” is a reference to the fact that it’s a couple (Mr. and Dr.) that post with a shared username.

  22. ‘”The BWs” is a reference to the fact that it’s a couple (Mr. and Dr.) that post with a shared username.” – joeremi

    OK, thanks.

  23. I love that Eric Shawn called him ‘insane and nutty’. Love. It. None of this fake deference that they like to do. No barely-hidden concern about a lack of future ‘access’.

  24. Eric Shawn is a no-nonsense, first class pro and would never stoop to being a buttkisser.

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