What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/26/10

What’s Hot:

Jonathan Klein Fired by CNN – The notion that Klein would be fired by CNN isn’t that big a deal. Many had been taking bets on how much longer he would last. But the timing of the firing; after setting up 2/3 of CNN’s new soon to launch primetime, was very unexpected and head scratching. Klein said he “got shot” and he was right. Klein’s firing is not so much of a signal of an impending course correction as it is window dressing meant to buy time. There may be adjustments to CNN programming and personnel but CNN’s mission and how it’s carried out – which Klein was a big proponent of – are likely not to fundamentally change much. Ergo, Klein is the sacrificial lamb meant to buy CNN time to continue down the path that Klein sent it.

Ken Jautz – It’s now Jautz’s job to manage Klein’s legacy since there are no plans to halt the yet to be seen Parker Spitzer or Piers Morgan programs. There may be changes coming for American Morning but primetime is more or less set in stone and won’t be altered. This has boxed Jautz in for at least the near to mid term.

Scot Safon – Safon will be taking over at HLN.

Jeff Zucker – What everyone was anticipating has happened. Zucker has announced that he will leave NBC Universal when the sale to Comcast is completed.

Steve Capus – With Zucker gone speculation is rife that Capus may be getting a promotion of some sort.

Joe Scarborough: Loose Cannon? – Scarborough took a couple of digs at Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz on Morning Joe this week. Bet that didn’t go over too well with Phil Griffin.

CNN Supresses “war crime” Footage? – Former CNN reporter Michael Ware made the charge that he filmed an alleged war crime for CNN but the network never aired it. Whether it was a war crime or not is open for debate. But it’s not really the kind of story CNN wants to deal with in either case…

FBN Anchor Changes – FBN is shuffling up its anchor rotation.

What’s Not:

A Debate, A Debate, My Network for a Debate! – The race is on for the cable nets to televise local/regional debates for a national audience in the run up to the November elections. It makes the nets look important and political but will audiences in California care about debates that don’t impact their state, I don’t know…

Gadgets R Us – CNN has made it known that it will juice up its election night coverage with more slick gadgets and technology. What about reporting?

Barry Nolan loses Comcast lawsuit – He never really had a chance to begin with.


3 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/26/10”

  1. I guess I don’t watch MSNBC AT ALL anymore, but from what I gleaned from this site, Olberman goes after whomever he wants, whether it be a co-worker or not. But if someone dares to challenge him, it is a big deal, as mentioned above (“Joe Scarborough, “Loose Cannon”).

    Why the double standard?

  2. Re the Klein/Jautz story; there’s been very little discussion of Jim Walton creating a new executive position; Executive Vice President & Managing Editor of CNN world wide; with powers equal to Jaytz, Safon, & Maddox.

    The job according to Walton will have “full access to our journalism resources & my mandate to shape & connect our news-gathering across networks, shows and websites…”

    “Will come in and he or she will be a strong editorial mind who will help shape our coverage.”

    “lead collaboration across all platforms & elevate CNN’s unique journalism and analysis.”

    The position seems to add yet another layer of bureaucracy between Walton & Jautz and serve only to muddy any decision making power Jautz & the others may have.

    I can’t see a real purpose for creating the position other than to put distance between Walton and Jautz and give Walton another person to blame for any further declines at CNN.

    The only name I’ve seen associated with this position is Bart Feder now a senior VP of current programming; whatever that is.

  3. – Why the double standard?-

    ‘Cause that’s what egotistical blowhards do: attack their enemies, then have a fit when the fire is returned. In fairness, the article Spud referenced makes no mention of a reaction from KO.

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