Anderson Cooper: Talk Show Host?

James Hibberd at The Live Feed is reporting that Anderson Cooper is being courted for a talk show…(via J$)

The talk show deal is complex because its being coordinated between Warner Bros., Cooper and Cooper’s employers at CNN — who have an exclusive contract with the newsman. The deal, which has been in talks for more than a month and may close by the end of the week, calls for Cooper to continue hosting “360.” With a lot of moving parts at play, however, sources caution the deal is not yet a sure thing.

Warner Bros. hopes to launch Cooper’s show next fall, coming into the marketplace just as talk queen Oprah Winfrey exits to launch her cable network OWN. The vacancy has spurred a surge of talk contenders whose projects are in various stages of deployment (including Dr. Oz, Nancy Grace and Jenny McCarthy).

Cooper’s show would air in early fringe in a cash-plus-barter deal, counter-programming more celebrity-oriented programs such as “Access Hollywood.” It’s not yet clear which station group Warners will line up as its first carriage partner to help galvanize further clearances.

What makes this story hard to believe for me is that Cooper will still be with CNN doing 360. I just do not see any possible way that can happen without a radical change to 360’s format and Cooper’s mission. What happens when the next big disaster strikes somewhere? CNN will not be able to deploy Cooper to the field because of his talk show commitments – what’s the talk show supposed to do? put re-runs on while he’s out on assignment? No. The only way that Cooper would stay at CNN and 360 is if he becomes solely a desk anchor. But the problem here is Cooper is better on the road; he’s more in his element on the road and 360 works better when he’s on the road. Cooper’s CNN career highlights have mostly occurred on the road. But I do not see a way that can continue and Cooper can be available to go anywhere at any time if he takes and CNN signs off on this syndication deal.


7 Responses to “Anderson Cooper: Talk Show Host?”

  1. Ah, screw it. Who else thinks that Greta is basically a currently-successful version of Larry King? Think about it: With either of them, you don’t watch the show to see them, you watch it for the guests. They each sorta blend into the set and they don’t have opinions. They’re vaguely pleasant faces who try to ask the questions that you would, for better or worse.

    Greta has more of an edge, from time-to-time, but she certainly does her share of softball interviews. The softer-focus, like Larry, allows her to get eye-drawing guests. As far as newsmakers are concerned, an associate of mine said it’s ”Like the Johnny Carson version of a news interview”.

    One thing that Larry King had was the ability to badger people with lightweight questions until they suddenly made some embarrassing revelation. You go in there, you expect softballs, you let your guard down, and the next thing you know you’re talking about that trip to the zoo that got out-of-hand. I’ve seen it happen. Greta could learn from that.

  2. I agree Spud; and you don’t even mention his work on 60 Minutes. If was looking for a higher profile in serious news that might be a better route to take.

    If he wanted to be a talk show host he could have taken over for Larry King and still have done serious news on the side.

    At some point Cooper will have to choose whether or not he wants to be a serious reporter or a talk show host.

    The other thing I picked up in this article was that Nancy Grace is pitching a daytime talk show. Will that be in addition to her HLN show or is she also planning on leaving?

    It looks like Ken Jautz will have some scheduling room to maneuver after all.

  3. I thought Cooper was Regis Philbin’s heir apparent. Then again, Ryan Seacrest or Katie Couric were Larry King’s possble replacements until Piers Morgan showed up.

    I agree that Greta is a lot like Larry King. But she goes on the road a lot and does interviews in interesting places. Larry rarely leaves the studio anymore. And Greta interviews politically-focused guests for the most part, unlike King who does shows about aliens, American Idol, and other fluffy crap. Greta barely does crime stuff anymore unless the story is really big.

  4. Nancy Grace already launched her show. It is a “judge” type show called Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. It is as stupid as it sounds.

  5. Well it’s official and confirmed. Coop gets a syndicated talk show. And stays at CNN. (And I suppose 60 minutes too.) Quite a big career move for a guy who can’t win his time slot.

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