What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/03/10

What’s Hot:

Anderson Cooper – Cooper signed a syndication deal which allows him to stay with CNN and AC360. How this will end up working is still a little gray though.

EEOC vs. FNC – The EEOC filed a lawsuit against FNC over complaints FNC reporter Catherine Herridge made. FNC responded, first by not saying much and then by putting out a lot of information which painted a picture of politics at work by the Obama Administration.

Rick Sanchez – Sanchez is hot. Very hot. So hot he’s now radioactive for CNN and he got fired. Sanchez has always been a shoot from the hip kind of guy but this time his aim was so bad he ended up shooting himself.

Greta Van Susteren vs. Gloria Allred – Van Susteren was brutal and Allred was feckless in her response.

Lawrence O’Donnell – O’Donnell launched The Last Word this week.

What’s Not:

Lawrence O’Donnell – For all the hype that MSNBC was finally going to do something with 10pm the fact that they couldn’t give O’Donnell a five night a week show says a lot. I find it inexcusable to keep the Friday doc block and relegate The Last Word to a M-Th position.

Ed Schultz – Schultz got called on the carpet yet again, this time for comments made about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Obama White House vs. FNC – Not again. This didn’t work last time and it’s not going to work this time.

James O’Keefe – O’Keefe’s attempt to shame CNN’s Abbie Boudreau blew up spectacularly in his face.

Jansing & Co – That’s the name of the new two hour block on MSNBC from 10-12pm ET. No, really. You’d think MSNBC’s brain trust would be able to come up with a name for the show other than one which sounds like a ripoff of HLN’s old Robin and Company. But you would be wrong. Hopefully the show is more original than the name…


27 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/03/10”

  1. On the contrary, Spud… I personally found nothing wrong with the name for Jansing’s new program. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than Stuart Varney’s current program, and Robin Meade’s former.

    I see it as Jansing the host, which she is, and her “Company” being Richard Lui as a side reporter who pitches in for his take on the news, along with other personalities. Better than the “MSNBC Live” stuff. I’m so over that.

  2. Chris Jansing deserves her own show, one with an original name.

  3. I don’t disagree with anything Spud chose or wrote about. That’s disappointing.

  4. I agree that Gloria Allred was lame, but I don’t share everybody’s enthusiasm for Greta’s performance. She screamed her bloody head off for 10 minutes. Brutal, yes. Good journalism, not so much.

  5. Greta isn’t patient with fool lawyers. Allred was not only lame, she intentionally put her “client” in legal jeopardy. I doubt anyone will do anything about it, but they have her on camera basically admitting to falsifying documents – some of which include the words, “under penalty of perjury/” Wouldn’t be surprised to learn Allred gets into trouble over this.

    On the flip side, Meg Whitman handled it perfectly, and demonstrated that she did the right thing every step of the way.

  6. Meg Whitman handled it perfectly

    On the contrary, her initial “I never saw the papers, the housekeeper is a liar” reaction may have worked for people that already were going to vote for her, but I doubt it went over well with Independents. I’m not sure they’re going to be thrilled with her “Jerry Brown is behind it” screaching at yesterday’s debate, either.

  7. Actually, Gloria Allred’s thing pretty much proved the maid was a liar. And Whitman’s, “Should I have reported her as illegal?” would certainly worked for independents. She hired the maid through a service, the service had the documents, Whitman paid her well, neither she nor her husband over-reacted to the note about the SS#, and they fired her once it became known to them that she was, in fact, illegally inside the country. They handled it perfectly.

  8. I’ll go with Joe on this. As I said in an earlier post Greta acted like Chris Matthews going after some nutbar. Allred held her own for the most part.

    We’ll see in a month how Whitman makes out; but I’d put my money on the old hippy.

  9. I have no problem with people employing illegal immigrants. Someone has to give them jobs, right? We wouldn’t want to leave them impoverished, starving, and dying, would we? That’s why the Democrats in CA are so hypocritical on this issue. Hispanics should be celebrating that Whitman employed a Hispanic woman.

    If she hadn’t, people would be crying racism. “How can we elect this woman when she refused to hire this poor Hispanic, undocumented immigrant.” Give me a break. Your cleaning lady has no bearing on your ability to govern.

  10. Al, we are – for the hundreth time – taking about two slightly different things. I’m not commenting on how Whitman handled the hiring situation over that 9 years; I’m referring to her handling of the political firestorm over the last week. She started poorly, then recovered some..partially of her own doing, and significantly by Allred’s revelation of the SS letter backfiring on Allred, and Allred doing lousy interviews.

    But it doesn’t matter. There aren’t enough Republicans in CA. to put her over the top, and she won’t get enough Independents. Billionaire CEOs with a penchant for laying people off before they blow $150,000,000 on an election aren’t real popular here.

  11. Josh, that’s the silliest argument you’ve ever presented. One of those days?

  12. I thought Brown was the easy winner before, but now I’m betting Whitman wins. And part of the reason will be the maid thing. And considering the financial wreck that is California, you want Jerry Brown? That’s crazy.

  13. ^ I don’t think Meg Whitman gives a damn about “the little people”, and that would include me and the disabled folks I work for. I’m quite sure she would have no problem fixing the budget on our backs without a second thought. I think Brown will be a little more discerning.

  14. Show me a big company that hasn’t laid off employees during hard economic times and I’ll show you its name on a list of bankruptcies. Showing a profit when the money is rolling in is easy. The hard part is showing a profit when times are bad.

    The disconnect is that some people believe they own their jobs. They don’t. I’m thankful employers gave a job to me while there was work. I’ve never expected them to continue paying me when the work was gone; I moved on to the next thing. Far more jobs were created than were lost during Meg Whitman’s tenure.

  15. All good points, Al, but it doesn’t change my campaign analysis. Meg has the unfortunate confluence of being a CEO known for “lean & mean” spending obscene amounts of money to get elected. The juxtaposition looks bad to a lot of people. I personally don’t care about her performance at Ebay. The 150 mil gets on my nerves.

  16. The 150 mil doesn’t mean squat, Joe. Your job certainly does.

  17. The 150 mil doesn’t mean squat, Joe. Your job certainly does.

    The latter certainly means more to me than the former, but I despise rich wankers who try to buy elections. Anybody remember Arianna Huffington’s ex-husband?

  18. If Whitman spending $150 million on her campaign is what the people of California are worried about then they are screwed. Last time I checked it was her money so what’s the qualm?

    Joe, we are all for the little people here, it is safe to say we are all little people here, but California is in it pretty deep in debt. Shouldn’t sacrifices be made in order to get the economic stability of California on track again?

  19. I don’t disagree with anything Spud chose or wrote about. That’s disappointing.

    Sorry Al. I won’t do it again. Honest…

  20. Last time I checked it was her money so what’s the qualm?

    It’s distasteful, that’s all. It makes a mockery of politics that a billionaire with no political experience can spend her way to a nomination, then massively outspend her Democratic rival. She has the right, but I don’t have to like it.

    Shouldn’t sacrifices be made in order to get the economic stability of California on track again?

    No one in this race is proposing otherwise. I trust Mr. Brown to be a little more careful about it.

  21. ^ Says the man who trusted Mr Ob… n’ermind.

    ^^ Good thing you don’t write to please the unpleasable *me*.

  22. ^Fair enough.

    Although I would rebuttal and argue that politics is a mockery in itself. Also, as we all know political experience is not everything, and even with none whatsoever I think she is smart enough that it wont take her long to learn the language of the town if she were to win. Just my 2 cents.

  23. As Pal Al just alluded to, Obama didn’t have much expereience, and he sucks at the job. Shwarzenneger didn’t have experience, and he sucks at the job. Between term limits and movie stars, we don’t have anybody left in Sacramento who knows what the hell they’re doing outside of the lobbyists, who are now the only people in California politics with any sense of history. I’ve had it with “new blood”. I want Jerry Brown in the Governor’s chair, and Willie Brown having lunch with him every day.

  24. Good thing you don’t write to please the unpleasable *me*.

    Where would be the fun in that?

  25. savefarris Says:

    Shouldn’t there be at least SOME mention of Ed Schultz utterly disproving his “I could outdraw Beck” boasts this weekend?

  26. ^ Nah, nobody took Ed Schultz seriously.

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