Um…Hang On…

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Henry Unger writes about something Ted Turner said…

Ted Turner is a pretty good prognosticator.

Years before Rupert Murdoch launched Fox News, Turner thought the biggest threat to his CNN operation would come from “a right-wing news alternative,” he said Wednesday.

Turner even thought about making his Headline News Network into a conservative alternative to CNN before Fox was launched, Turner told a Galloway School audience in Atlanta.

But, he decided against the idea.

“I did not want to rant or rave — one way or the other,” Turner told hundreds of students, teachers and parents at the private school.

Wasn’t it Ted Turner who said he wanted to crush Fox News and Rupert Murdoch like an ant back when the network launched? And now he’s saying he thought the sort of channel FNC allegedly is was what was the biggest threat to CNN? What’s wrong with this picture?

3 Responses to “Um…Hang On…”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    As we get older, myself included, we have a more “slective memory”.


  2. imnotblue Says:

    Feh… Ted Turner… just one more of those Jewish media guys Sanchez was talking about.

    Oh wait a minute… nevermind.

  3. Well, um, I guess, um, he was, uh yeah. For some reason I’m thinking about ‘long-term-side-effects’. Not sure why.

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