Get Ready for Tamron Hall’s NewsNation…

Rummaging round the MSNBC.TV website this afternoon after being alerted to the fact that they added “Jansing & Co.” to the schedule…at 3PM ET!!!!…I discovered that MSNBC has named Tamron Hall’s upcoming 2pm ET branded show because they updated her bio page. The show’s name? NewsNation. This is the first mention of the show’s name as far as I know, given that I haven’t heard, seen, or read of a launch date, so it looks like someone jumped the gun here…

Not really related: They added Richard Lui to the bio pages (Jansing’s still not there) but Monica Novotny’s bio has disappeared. That may be an error but read into it what you will…

Update: Novotny hasn’t tweeted since August 3rd. Read into THAT what you will…

Update 2: Make that August 3rd 2009. So read nothing into that, while I get my eyes checked…

Update 3: Getting back more on topic, Journal-isms has more information on Hall’s show which starts tomorrow…

An announcement said, “Her new show will feature in-depth coverage of the day’s biggest political news, as well as interviews with pundits and policy-makers”

Ok, that’s not much to go on really. You could apply that sentence to Morning Joe, Daily Rundown, Andrea Mitchell Reports, and Hardball as well.


4 Responses to “Get Ready for Tamron Hall’s NewsNation…”

  1. They ought to start adding more weekend hours. How about Paige Hopkins and that guy from HLN whose name escapes me at the moment. Never mind I just remembered. thomas roberts.

  2. Seems that they (MSNBC) is going over, very slowly, what they intend to show, with a fine tooth comb. I’m not into guessing, so, I’ll wait until you let us know what they have “finally” (or, preliminarily finally) come up with.
    I do hope that our TVheads at least know what is happening. Nothing frustrates one’s work like confusion. Otherwise, these professionals are being treated poorly.

  3. It may not mean anything but Wikipedia has already made the schedule change with Tamron Hall hosting the first hour (2-3 PM)of ‘News Nation’ and Martin Bashir hosting the second (3-4 PM).

    Jansing hosts her show from 10-12 with no mention of Richard Lui.

  4. “Jansing hosts her show from 10-12 with no mention of Richard Lui.”

    ^I was wrong here. Richard Lui is mentioned. Sorry.

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