Parker Spitzer: Under Renovation…

The Wall Street Journal’s Sam Schechner writes about CNN talking a long view on Parker Spitzer as it starts tinkering with it…

“We weren’t in this for the first night,” Bart Feder, senior vice president of programming at CNN/US, said during an interview Friday. “We’re in this to launch and to let it grow. And we’re confident it will.”

Still, CNN is making gradual changes, with daily notes to the hosts and production staff. Some are cosmetic. By Thursday night, the hosts’ newspaper-strewn table was free of most detritus. A segment called “Our Political Party!” featured a bigger table that can accommodate six people without seeming cramped.

Producers are also experimenting with new ways to juggle segments and add energy to the broadcast. “Parker Spitzer” led off Thursday’s show with a taped CNN interview with Christine O’Donnell, the tea-party-backed U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware. Later in the show, a roundtable with former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed included some sparring.

14 Responses to “Parker Spitzer: Under Renovation…”

  1. The ‘political party’ segment is really dumb. What’s next ‘political charades’.

    It’s kind of like when Maddow did that segment on mixing drinks or her attempts at humor with Kent Jones that used to end the show.

    LOD was smart to not try and do humor.

  2. I liked the Jones segments.

  3. I wish that they would drop the forced banter between the two of them.

  4. jrdrop, I strongly agree with you. Seems that they are trying to force the chemistry and that, plainly, needs more time to develop.
    Joe, Kent Jones is exceptionally good at drawing down the tension of Rachel’s hard hitting 50 minutes. Nice balance, at least to me.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    If they wanted a debate style show, they should have hired a liberal & a conservative, not a liberal and a moderate. The MSM always does this. Their idea of a conservative is an Obama supporter who now has a question or two questions. She’s less conservative than a current blue-dog Dem is liberal.

  6. I’m curious, does Parker have other views that disqualify her as a conservative, or is it just because she states the obvious about Palin?

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    Just before the show started she said she was a big fan of Obama’s, sided with Anita Hill over Clarence Thomas & didn’t beleive Clinton should have been impeached.

    Also, she’s been a well known basher of many things conservative.

    She’s no conservative.

  8. You listed one thing that doesn’t tell me anything – is she a fan of Obama’s policies? – and two that don’t qualify as liberal or conservative. Lots of people on both sides think Anita Hill couldn’t possibly have made up such a strange story, and that impeaching Clinton was a mistake for Republicans.

  9. a program has to evolve. there’s nothing magical about it. look at fox . when they first went on the air they had news. well they learned news is not what their audience wanted. so see what youve got now? nothing more than a repub political machine.

  10. lonestar77 Says:

    What if CNN started a conservative vs. liberal show, where the liberal said he was a fan of GWB’s, thought Clinton deserved impeachment & sided with Clarence Thomas over Anita Hill?

    Parker has been a well-known thorn in the side of conservatives for a while.

  11. lonestar77 Says:

    When the show was announced, conservatives rolled their eyes because it was so predictable. As I stated earlier, Parker is the MSM’s idea of a conservative…which is someone who’s not an actual conservative. It’s not like she just appeared on the map. I wasn’t a fan before she said what she said about Clinton, Obama & Hill. If they wanted a true conservative, they should have modeled their search after someone with the views of a Laura Ingraham. But, they didn’t. They wanted a moderate who calls themself a conservative.

    What reason would a conservative have to watch this show?

  12. LS, your example would depend on that liberal’s political views in general, beginning with the purpose of their GWB fandom. He was rightly praised for his amiable campaign style and ability to connect with “regular folks”. I wouldn’t hold that opinion against a lib.

    The Clinton and Thomas cases wouldn’t throw me, either. Both of those events were complicated and strange; not in the mainstream of left/right daily politics.

    If a self-proclaimed liberal starts espousing privatizing Social Security and eliminating the minimum wage, I might have a problem..

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    Fair enough, Joe, but like I said, she’s annoyed conservatives for a while…kinda like David Brooks. Honestly, when I heard she was going to be co-anchoring & providing the “conservative” side of the argument, my initial reaction was “figures”.

  14. So you don’t actually know what her political views are, you just don’t like one vague opinion about Obama, her views about two old and strange cases, and the fact that she isn’t impressed with Sarah Palin. On that last point, check out the latest polls. She’s not alone.

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