What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/10/10

What’s Hot:

The Last Word – Ratings for MSNBC’s new 10pm M-Th program continue to impress. You have to wonder how much longer MSNBC can hold out before it has to cave on keeping the Friday Doc Block at 10pm.

Lean Forward – MSNBC is about to launch a big two year ad campaign to brand the network…

Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes to Michael Steele – This was by far the most genuine, heartfelt, real apology I’ve ever seen in cable news primetime.

Hoffman out, Capus in? – FTVLive reported that Steve Capus will be adding CNBC to his portfolio and Mark Hoffman will be leaving. We’ll see if that happens…

Freedom Watch to Five Nights a Week – FBN is apparently going to take Freedom Watch to five nights a week…

What’s Not:

Parker Spitzer – The critics were already shooting at this show before it debuted but when it did debut we saw that…the critics were right to be concerned. CNN needs to work fast to turn this show around.

MSNBC.com Mulls Name Change – After years of NBC execs saying MSNBC primetime is an entity unto itself and not at all reflective of what happens on MSNBC dayside or NBC News itself and that viewers “get” the difference, NBC is mulling changing MSNBC.com’s name precisely because there’s a belief that MSNBC primetime is impacting MSNBC.com. Well that may or may not be true but as far as I’m concerned it’s too late. NBC should have changed MSNBC TV to NBC News Channel when it got full control of it from Microsoft and the damage of separating MSNBC.com from MSNBC TV wouldn’t hurt as much. Now it’s too late and I predict a rocky road ahead for MSNBC TV and MSNBC.com (whatever it becomes) if they do separate them. And consider this; the MS in MSNBC stands for Microsoft. We could very well see the only reference to MSNBC pertain to the TV network, which Microsoft no longer has a role in.

Jansing & Co. – MSNBC’s newly branded two hour block at 10am ET debuted this week. It started out pretty rigid and very monotone and proceeded to get less monotone as the week progressed, though still too rigid. It still needs more work in my opinion if it’s going to work as a branded hour…

11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/10/10”

  1. And as to Jansing, &Co I will continue to disagree. I contind that the start was strong and will continue to get even better. You may question my sense of reality, but, please don’t question my loyality.

  2. Fred, you seem like a nice fellow, buy you’ve exhibited a bit of antagonism towards Spud about Chris Jansing that I don’t think is warranted. He has supported her for a long time, and I believe may have had something to do with her getting back to dayside from the ridiculous Siberia MSNBC had relegated her to.

    Spud spoke long and loud about the mess dayside had become, and he and his commentors repeatedly asked for her return. In his (and my) opinion, Jansing & Co. started slowly, and with a lousy name. But most of us think she does a good job in general, and the show is improving.

  3. NOT: Repeating myself.
    NOT: Amy Fisher pimping a sex-tape on Fox News. A low-point, even for Geraldo. Guess Guilfoyle drew the short-straw for that interview.

  4. Joe, As I am wierd, crazy person, I greatly appreciate Spud for his past comments ( I think that the earliest that I had seen was from 2008). I fully welcome his criticism, in that it is from an educated viewpoint and with the best of intentions. I just think that Chris (Jansing, Kapostasy, or whatever last name that she wants) has all of the skills and the dynamic personality to drive any format forward and I want her, and her staff, to succeed.
    Actually, I hope that Jansing &Co adopts some of Spud’s ideas. I just think that if the ideas evolve through Chris, they will work. If the ideas are forced, I don’t know. Chris, I believe, is a consummate professional and, I believe, a truely classy person, who needs to keep her discipline within her own rhythm. Outside of that and she loses her wonderful sense of control.
    So, Spud is fine with me. I’m just trying to convince him to slow down the timetable for change.

  5. Why is it that when I write something, everybody seems to go away? Hey, it’s lonely out here!

  6. It’s Sunday bro. Not much traffic here on the weekends, and I’m trying to cut down as it is. I comment too often.

  7. It’s actually fairly busy for a Sunday. Mostly because Joe’s around. He has a way of agitating people.

  8. iamfirmin Says:

    Humm I disagree that MSNBC .. LEAN FORWARD is hot.
    I visualize another pose when I hear “LEAN FORWARD”.

  9. …and I’m trying to cut down as it is.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    I visualize another pose when I hear “LEAN FORWARD”.
    And, that’s exactly the predictable and immature comments you’ll hear about their new ad campaign. It’s bound to get more and more lame every time it’s repeated, though. I believe Limbaugh tested that one out, too.

  10. Oops…

    I visualize another pose when I hear “LEAN FORWARD”.

    And, that’s exactly the predictable and immature comments you’ll hear about their new ad campaign. It’s bound to get more and more lame every time it’s repeated, though. I believe Limbaugh tested that one out, too.

  11. clindhartsen Says:

    Skimming the numbers over on TVNewser, O’Donnell looks like he’s holding onto numbers quite well, and MSNBC won that hour about every day this last week. Should be interesting to see what this looks like in six months. On that note, P|S numbers look horrible.

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