Blogus Interruptus…

Blogging resumes late Tuesday morning…


7 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. Where is a translater when you need one. Does this apply to everyone or just to the “judge”?

  2. ^ Just Spud (ICN 2.0 moderator)

  3. Alvin Greene just appeared on ‘The Last Word’. To say it was bizarre doesn’t begin to cover the strangeness of the interview.

  4. z3, have you been watching all of the “Lean Forward” ads. I’m a MSNBC nut and I was worn out on them after the second round. Hate to turn it off just because of the ads, but, what is one to do?

  5. Z3. I like that.

  6. The Ron Paul interview on LOD’s show last night was one of the least successful segments of the shows short run. The problem stemmed from what Paul said was an ‘agreement’ to not ask him questions about races other than his own.

    Paul never said who the agreement was with but; since LOD denied any knowledge of the pact; it must have been with a ‘Last Word’ producer or booker.

    If that’s the case then O’Donnell &/or his EP will be reading the riot act to some staffer at todays production meeting.

    And also if true he may be giving another heartfelt apology like he gave after the Michael Steele interview.

    If not true or it’s a misunderstanding of the parameters of the interview; which I expect is the case; I hope O’Donnell gives us a full explanation on air tonight.

    The problem though was not in the interview agreement but in the way O’Donnell conducted it. He was by turns argumentative and smug which is not a good combination. On the plus side he did Paul plenty of time to give his talking points and make his arguments such as they were.

    The oddest part was how thin skinned Paul was about losing a straw poll at some tea party? event to Chris Christie & Sarah Palin. Instead of congratulating the winner and saying he didn’t take these polls seriously, he gave a convoluted explanation of how close he came to winning and how he won some similar poll in the past. It was funny to watch.

  7. I don’t believe for a minute that Paul was given an assurance that other candidates wouldn’t be discussed. He just didn’t want to talk about certain things. He was repeatedly confronted with something any idiot knows: he wants to eliminate Medicare. Duh, it’s a commonly held libertarian tenent he kept answering with “no”, then would give an answer that veered off into “let’s stop all the wars” – a statement he knew LOD and his audience would like – before eventually sort of admitting he wanted to abolish Medicare. It was an unusually defensive interview from a normally candid guest.

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