Chile Mine Rescue Coverage…

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about what the cable nets are planning on doing tonight to cover this mine rescue attempt in Chile…

CNN’s U.S. channel said “Larry King Live” from 9 to 10 p.m. and “Anderson Cooper 360″ from 10 p.m. to midnight would cover the mine situation extensively. Mr. King will host another live edition of his show at midnight. Between 1 and 5 a.m., CNN will simulcast its sister channel CNN International. At 5 a.m. CNN’s morning show “American Morning” will start an hour early with more live coverage.

MSNBC also plans to stay live all night, with special hours hosted by Rachel Maddow at 11 p.m. and Lawrence O’Donnell at midnight. The news anchor Chris Jansing will take over at 1 a.m.

Fox News said the news anchor Shephard Smith would be on stand-by during its political talk shows “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity” in case of developments at the mine site. At 10 p.m., Greta Van Susteren will cover the story, and in the overnight hours Gregg Jarrett will handle any developments.

66 Responses to “Chile Mine Rescue Coverage…”

  1. I don’t want to be to negative but this has the potential to be mind numbingly boring as we will only be able to see the hole entrance.

    Lots of speculation by reporters & hosts, experts yakking about what could go wrong and endless loops of footage we have already seen a hundred times already.

    It’s like one of those planes with a stuck wheel that has to circle for six hours burning off fuel before trying the landing. We all know how it will end but they still broadcast the six hours anyway.

  2. harry1420 Says:

    it’s only news while it’s happening. everyone thought the tragic launch of the space shuttle columbia would be just another shuttle launch..guess what..cnn was the only news net carrying it live and well all the other stations had to carry was history. so what do we expect to happen, it will all come out fine and dandy?..what if the unexpected happens..well it will be news. rather have the news..than report it has history!

  3. If the unexpected happens you can instantly go in to cover the story. There are thousands of reporters there and hundreds of cameras. Until something actually happens I say go back to regular programing.

  4. I don’t want to be to negative but this has the potential to be mind numbingly boring as we will only be able to see the hole entrance.

    That’s not being negative…it’s being accurate!!! 😛

  5. Josh Kaib Says:

    The only positive is that Gregg Jarrett will be handling overnight duties instead of Ainsley Airhead.

  6. Actually the launch of Columbia seemed to go fine (that was when debris hit the shuttle, but it wasn’t known at the time how serious that was), it was the re-entry which was the disaster. I wouldn’t be surprised that not all the networks would cover a landing since it doesn’t give the same exciting visuals as a launch and up until that day had seemed pretty routine. I don’t think the media were aware at the time of landing that there was a concern about the shuttle having suffered damage.


  8. I think Harry meant Challenger. CNN was the only one to carry it live. There never was much in the way of video of the disintegration of Columbia, and there wouldn’t have been live coverage at that stage of any routine landing of a shuttle.

  9. Well, CNN was the only cable news network at the time of Challenger. (But a fair number of people my age remember seeing it live, and not on CNN – they showed it in elementary schools, because a teacher was part of the crew for that mission.)

    Strange that Fox has Hannity live on this, he’s not doing a bad job though.

  10. Hannity is bearable. Perhaps he missed his true calling.

  11. realreal10 Says:

    Gee, fredorth, I wonder who you are referring to…lol

  12. It’s like a baby coming out of a womb, the miners hitting the surface-air. Except that babies tend to be at optimal health when they pop-out.

  13. realreal10, Thank you for noticing, and, glad that you got a good laugh out of it. 🙂

  14. AlinDC, I’m a bit of a space travel geek and am undoubtedly the only one who cares about this topic, but, all broadcast networks used to cover all space launches until several years into the shuttle program.

    At the time, it was considered notable that space travel had become so routine that only some silly cable news channel would bother to still capture it live. The feed to the schools was closed circuit.

  15. Geez, Spud’s Twitter feed says Larry King cut away to Jesse Ventura accusing the CIA of killing Kennedy. Not only is that not the journalism CNN is supposed to be good at, it’s also not 1996 anymore..

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    Only 14 comments on the mine rescue thing? From what I gathered, it was riveting television. Well, I was actually watching baseball but I can only imagine how exciting it was.

  17. As much as I can’t stand coverage like this, because it’s goes so slow and uneventful, it needs to be covered so that each network shows that they cover real news. Obviously, if they didn’t, they would get every bit of criticism that they deserve. But, if they do, they don’t get praised, or honored, just accepted by the others. Oh well.

  18. Plus, it involves people’s lives (and brave ones, at that), so they certainly deserve the coverage.

  19. LS, you watched baseball instead of something slow and boring? Isn’t that redundant? 😉

    JWE, was right. Lawrence O’Donnell is terrible at this.

  20. ^ Ignore the errant comma. My kingdom for an edit function. Which reminds me..where the hell is Al?

  21. missy5537 Says:

    Uh oh. Guess who’s anchoring this thing on Fox beginning at midnight?

  22. Guess that I am pulling an all-nighter.

  23. Oh crap. I was on the road listening on XM during the first rescue. I finally saw the little cage going down that long pipe. No way, brother..they’d never get me in there. Total heart attack before I got to the surface. I think I better watch baseball..

  24. Uh oh. Guess who’s anchoring this thing on Fox beginning at midnight?


  25. icemannyr Says:

    Greg Jarrett is co-anchoring with Ainsley on FNC.

    Chris Jansing took over on MSNBC.

    Larry is on CNN.

  26. Buckle up, kids..we’re flying by the seat of our pants now. Poor Greg..

  27. Didja hear that the wives put makeup on? I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard that.

  28. Jansing is professional and competent; Earhardt is a potential trainwreck. Guess which one I’m watching. I tell ya that Roger Ailes is a genius..


    Overtime?!?!? These people are on contract. There is no overtime…

  30. It’s like being a doctor. Sometimes the babies pop at midnight. Or something.

  31. icn2, Thanks. Guess these are civilian equivalents of the military, except the are not shot at – at least in NYC.

  32. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind that contract. A little overtime on air is..more time on air. That’s gold for someone like Ainsley who usually gets two minutes at 2 in the morning. She’s doing fine, btw.

  33. Joe, You make an excellent point. Just wonder if they get some time later to offset the hours tonight.
    I am really starting to fade. it’s 12:23am CDT and I have to get up at 5:30am CDT. At my age, one tends to avoid burning the candle on both ends, though, being the sucker for Chris Class (sounds like a nice way to summarize who she is), I am pulled both ways.

  34. Jarrett, talking about miners who come up, and eventually going back to work in the mine. ”It’s like people who survive a plane crash, and go back to flying again. Like Ted Stevens…who..later died…” And we worry about Ainsley.

  35. One thing you gotta give Ainsley – and I’ve wanted to mention this for a while – she takes those 2 minutes seriously. She delivers her news breaks straight, without the stupid “pretty girl smile” that a lot of them deliver. She may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but she knows what job she’s doing.

  36. chipsohio Says:

    Pretty disappointed in FNC’s coverage of the recovery. It’s 5:30am EDT and their still running taped coverage from 1:30am EDT. I understand not being live during the overnight hours but Fox & Friends has gone live @ 5am on prior breaking news stories.

    I hate asking this question…but is Fox not running live because it’s not an “American” story?

  37. missy5537 Says:

    chips, Fox’s coverage at this point is ridiculous!

    You’re right; they are now running taped coverage! CNN, which is displaying a “live” bug on the screen, indicates that SEVEN miners have already been rescued. But at the same time over on Fox, where no “live” bug is present, they show that THREE have been saved at this point.

    And they’ve done this before!

    I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s not a domestic story; I honestly think some guy in their control room is just used to playing recorded programming during this period, and is doing so no matter how much sense this does NOT make.

    Back to bed for me!

  38. 5:03am CDT and Chris Class is still on and going! Maybe Marathon Jansing is more appropriate. How long does this woman go on?

  39. I stand by my statements last week. This coverage is so overblown as to turn the natural human interest story into a parody.

    This morning I heard Mike Barnicle talk about how this is such a great story because it’s a tonic for our national cynicism. Um, Mike? Morning Joe is GROUND FREAKIN’ ZERO for cynicism! That’s all you do. It’s a morning breakfast buffet of snark from smug jackoffs like yourself.

    I will be happy when all 33 men are safe and sound, but to give each man a hero’s welcome when they emerge is, as I said yesterday, preposterous.

  40. when I said “last week”, I mean last night. Sorry about that.

  41. One thing you gotta give Ainsley – and I’ve wanted to mention this for a while – she takes those 2 minutes seriously. She delivers her news breaks straight, without the stupid “pretty girl smile” that a lot of them deliver. She may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but she knows what job she’s doing.

    True, Joe. It’s when she attempts something other than reading the headlines for 2 minutes that the wheels fly off the car while careening at 70 mph down the highway.

    Interesting that they brought in Jarrett to co-anchor the live coverage with her.

    Is she the one who kept talking about the miners’ wives putting on makeup, or was that someone else?

  42. Chris Jansing is going to go ahead and do her two hours at Jansing &Co. Wonder if she has the same problem that I do, going days at a time with minimal or even no sleep. Difference, though, is that she has energy and class and I just drag my body through it all.

  43. Was up most of the night watching the coverage of the miners. I think Fox did a terrible job and that MSNBC did a very good job. Kerry Sanders (their reporter on the ground) seems to share the joy that is happening at the camp in Chile. Kudos to MSNBC for there good coverage.

  44. Pam, what did you like about MSNBC (other than Kerry Sanders) and dislike about Fox?

    In any case, we’re just glad that so far, the miners have been coming up at a lively clip and, most important, seem to be healthy, for the most part.

  45. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Is she (Ainsley) the one who kept talking about the miners’ wives putting on makeup, or was that someone else?

    She may have (I was asleep) but I heard that from Greta last night.

  46. missy5537 Says:

    boogie, I didn’t see MSNBC’s coverage, but as pointed out, above, Fox stopped live coverage at some point and reverted back to recorded rescues – they were showing a recorded version of Miner #3 being rescued, when the rest of the world was watching live coverage of Miner #7 being brought up! If they didn’t want to go live, they should have just shown four hours or Red Eye or Factor reruns. It was embarassing, and very poor programming!

    And they’ve done this before, with election coverage, hurricanes, etc.

    And jwe, I LOVE your characterization of MJ! Very, very accurate. And despite what Rick Sanchez may think, THESE are the types that I view as the east coast, media elite!

  47. And now they’re talking about the clothes that the miners are being given for their ‘appearance’. Is there not a moment in life where people can look like crap, and we’re OK with it?

  48. “THESE are the types that I view as the east coast, media elite!”

    Missy, you say that as if being elite was a bad thing.

    It’s defined as most powerful, gifted or educated members of a group.

    The opposite of elite is bad, inferior, worst, or sad members of a group; which, although it’s not something I (or the MJ hosts) aspire to be, could could aptly describe the F&F crew. 🙂

  49. I heard the “makeup” thing on several channels last night.

    As a man who spends way too much money on stupid-expensive sunglasses, I can’t help noticing that all the miners are coming up with a snazzy pair of Oakleys on. I hope Oakley paid for them, ’cause they’re getting a priceless amount of advertising out of it.

  50. …you say that as if being elite was a bad thing.

    That annoys me to no end. It’s the kind of crap that Sarah Palin preaches: “Screw those smart people, real Americans are dumb like me.”

  51. Yeah, those ‘smart people’ who can’t figure-out that raising taxes in a down economy might be a bad idea. Guess you don’t have to attend Harvard to get that.

  52. I think they should extend the Bush tax cuts until the recession is over, so you won’t get an argument from me on that one. That doesn’t change the fact that many on the right make “smart” a bad name, as if being a bumpkin who answers “Who’s your favorite Founding Father?’ with “Ya know, all of ’em” is an admirable quality.

  53. She’s a pinhead. On the other hand, having all these wonderful academics running the government hasn’t exactly been a dream-come-true either. ‘Book smart’ doesn’t necessarily mean squat. The fact that Christina Roemer (?) utterly failed, then gets to go back to her day-job, tells me all I need to know.

  54. ^ I don’t disagree, I just don’t like the term “elites” being used as an insult. Bill Cosby has been railing about this issue in the African-American community for decades. It’s “not cool” to be educated amongst young black men, which does them no good later in life. There’s a similar meme on the the right that celebrates if being “book smart” is bad for ya. It’s in Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m you” ads. “I aint that smart; shucks, I’m just like you, and that’s plenty good enough for high office.” She’s wrong.

  55. ^I’ll take Christina Roemer over Sarah Palin any day.

    ‘Book Smart’ or as I like to call it ‘educated’ may not mean squat to you but having Sarah Palin or, as I like to call her, Gomer Pyle run the economy will get you the GWB administration and we all know how that turned out.

  56. — ^I’ll take Christina Roemer over Sarah Palin any day. —

    You would.

  57. Speaking of “I’m you”, I called the first ad “brilliant”. Boy was I wrong. Those “dressed in black in front of smoke” pieces are so funny they’re almost impossible to parody..but Kristen Wiig did it, anyway. “I’m just like you, constantly denying I’m a witch.” Excellent.

  58. My, we do wander all about anything other than the topic, don’t we. As my two cents worth on the tax break extension, I am a fiscal conservative and believe that ALL cuts should be eliminated. We, as a nation are in true trouble and it is time that we own up to the fact that we need to be disciplined and make the sacrifices necessary to right the ship of state. So there…….

  59. Thanks to Dave, Missy, & Joe for the answers!

  60. Maybe it’s just me, but the press seems way more interested in this story than anyone else.

  61. ^ It’s mindnumbingly boring. I believe it was JWE that I chewed out for recommending only occasional updates. Boy was he/she/they right.

  62. Yes!

  63. I’m a he, by the way

  64. With 7 miners left to come up (1 is in the capsule on his way up), I think they’ll all be up and out of there before midnight!

  65. ^ Just tell me it’ll be over in time for Red Eye. In the immortal words of that British guy..I want my life back.

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