Morning Producer?

Variety’s Michael Schneider writes about Joe and Mika’s new Producer roles with the show Young Turks…NO!…not THOSE Young Turks…

MSNBC morning show hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are looking to moonlight in primetime — as drama producers.

The “Morning Joe” anchors have signed on to serve as consulting producers on “Young Turks,” an hourlong ensemble drama in development at sister broadcast net NBC.

Prospect Park, the shingle run by Jeff Kwatinetz, Paul Frank and Rich Frank, is behind the show.

“Young Turks” revolves around the personal and professional lives of a group of New Yorkers in their 20s. The characters findthemselves in the high-powered worlds of finance, politics and media — which is where the expertise of Scarborough and Brzezinski comes in.


4 Responses to “Morning Producer?”

  1. Is it me, or does this seem excessive?

  2. What, Parker/Spitzer weren’t available?

  3. No wonder NBC has been dying in the ratings for the last 10 years

  4. Hasn’t this show been done (and cancelled) half a dozen times in the last 10 years.
    I get it. You pitch a show to a network suit, and who doesn’t think their lives would make a great book, TV show or movie? The fact that NBC is doing it makes me all but certain it will be bad.
    The cast will feature five or six good-looking actors with perhaps one asian female or underdog black male, probably a superior played by a kindly older person of color/or a bitchy white female. There will be a Jon Voight/Barry Bostwick/Tom Skerritt-type popping in occasionally as a powerful father of one of the cast members. And of course, the occasional cameo of NBC News talent.

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